1. Stew

    Hi all!

    Hello everyone! I recently picked up a totally standard Spec R from a member of the forum and have proceeded to turn it into something straight out of early '00s Japan. The car was 100% original when it came into my possession, only having been in the UK for several months. On closer...
  2. P

    New Belgian S15 owner

    I'm Pieter and as the title says I'm from Belgium After searching for quite a while I finally found my car. I bought my 2002 Silvia from Auto Theussing that imported it straight from Japan It was a grade 4B and completely stock with Sunroof, Aero kit and optional Nismo coilovers expect for...
  3. Jaydej

    Help!!! Low boost!

    Hey people got a problem need some help and advise. So yesterday I tried to fit the hks ssqv but didn't have the piping so put the original one back on. Now today I've come to Enfield I've been driving really hard for about a hour and now I have low boost it sits at around 0.2bar and when I...
  4. paddyb01

    adjust idle

    well guys whats the best way of adjusting the idle Ive read alot of ways of doing it on the net maybe I'm thick but none seam to work for me, my idle sits to high at around 1100 or could there be something else worth trying? paddy
  5. A

    is this release bearing fitted right? plese help !!

    im changing the clutch on the s15 im at the release bearing for the 6 speedbox. i knocked out the old release bearing without giving it much thought, then i put on the new one, where it sits now there is a shoulder but looking at it it looks like it needs to go back on the sleeve further...
  6. R

    Heater fan not working?

    so randomley other day it stopped on all levels... still illuminates and you can hear it when changing direction etc bit of research tells me it could be the fan/blower resistor that sits under the glovebox??? is thiscorrect? if so how and why has this happened? will a resistor card from...
  7. R

    What is this???

    sits in roof lining, doesnt light up or anything... factory spec-r item?
  8. paddyb01

    battery tray

    well gays I just finished moving my battery to the boot and the fuse box in the bay inside the car, anyway im thinking of removing the tray the battery sits on, is it a case of just cutting it out? has anyone done this? paddy
  9. C

    Nissan silvia s15 conv

    Hey im going to buy an s14 and what i know is that they have the automatic analouge climate control and i want to swap it whit the controller that sits in S15 how do i do it and is it hard and what parts do i need? Thanks. this is the one that is in the car now this is the one i want to...
  10. xlr8


    Can some one tell me what this device is? Sits behind the air intake
  11. Z

    WTB: S15 JDM spec R intercooler pipe

    Chasing the pipe that is after the outlet on the compressor housing on the turbo. not the intake pipe into the turbo. It has a small bend each end and sits to the right of the motor thanks fellas!
  12. V

    VAs15's S15

    S15 Spec S Aero S15 SR20DET w/ 6 Speed GReddy FMIC TRUST Downpipe Catco 3" Cat TRUST DD 3" Catback Defi Boost Gauge Nismo Cluster Fortune Auto 500 Coilovers This is what it used to look like before i sold the TE-37's here is how it sits now
  13. S

    My s15

    And how she sits in the drive
  14. Curryzz

    Fitting gauges in air vents?

    Need to find rev counter cable asap, got the dash in bits. Does anyone know what colour the cable is and what block it sits in out of the three? Cheers