1. T

    Not to sure

    Hi all, i want to buy a set of defo gauges to replace the air vents, any one know the perfect size gauges to get??
  2. JDM_virgin

    EBC yellow pads. confused@fcuk

    EBC website says that product code for s14/s15/r33/r34 sumitomo calipers is DP41200R however this shop: EBC YELLOWSTUFF FRONT PADS DP4775R FOR NISSAN SILVIA (S15) 2 99-2002 | eBay has these for sale- DP4775R and claims they are for an s15 fitment and the EBC site says they are for a 99 nissan...
  3. JDM_virgin

    R34 GTST front brake banjo bolts

    Will be fitting above brake setup to the silvia this weekend and I want to buy new banjo bolts. I have braided lines from HEL for s15 fitment and Im guessing as the R34 caliper is essentially the same as the S15 ones (apart from being spaced further out and made of aluminium) but i cant find...
  4. J

    WTB: Passenger side front wing/fender or pair of aftermarket standard size

    Need a front passenger wing standard, or can consider aftermarket but standard size
  5. Keifer1903

    FS: Exhaust Swap

    I have my spec R coming into country within the next few weeks and wanting to get rid of the current exhaust as I don't like it. Been informed that it is a custom made twin shot gun style (pics below) once it arrives ill get more spec on size etc howevere can imagine it being 3" On the hunt for...
  6. Cess

    Engine bay/slam panel nut sizes

    Folks, I want to tidy up my slam panel and was wondering what size of nuts are needed. Basically M= what? Hopefully, that makes sense. Cheers.
  7. A

    WTB: Screws for the dash reinforcement plate

    I seem to have a couple missing, anyone have any spare or know what size they are?
  8. A

    Door rattle, screw wont tighten up.

    I had a rattle in the door so took the trim off & its the bracket that sits inside the pull handle of the door trim, the 2 bolts #4 that holds bracket #5 wont tighten they just pop out of the hole when it gets to a certain tightness, any ideas how to make them stay in or I figured I could get a...
  9. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone know where these harness plugs go to??

    Hi guys, I've looked in service manual in Electrical section and I cannot find what this connector could be, my first thought was it could be for the ABS computer since mine didn't come with it... I bought a ABS computer and the connectors are totally different size. So I'm lost at this point...
  10. Jaydej

    Standard front control arm bush

    Hey all need help really bad does anyone know the size of the front control a bush Thanks
  11. Y

    What front caliper does a JDM S15 spec S have?

    are they the same as the USDM S14 calipers? What rotor size are they? 257/22 or 280/22? Thanks!
  12. L

    Help on wheels offest asap for clearance

    Hi all need help, ive just bought some new wheels the fronts are 18x9 ET30 will this clear my coilovers (apexi N1's)? If not what size spacer will i need! anyone running a similar setup?
  13. N

    Mocal oil sandwich plate center bolt size??

    I'm missing the center bolt from the thermostatic sandwich plate can anyone tell me what size ect or where I can buy one? S15 sr20det obviously
  14. Parky

    Throttle body inlet pipe size..?

    I want to change the old black rubber joiner from the intercooler cold pipe to the throttle body but am unsure of what size I need to get, can anyone advise?
  15. S15AK

    Gear know thread size?

    Spec S - Gear knob thread size? Hi Guys I'm ordering a new gear knob and I'm working away so I can't check myself. Can anyone confirm the thread size of the Spec S 5 speed gear knob thread please? I am pretty sure its 10x1.25 and the specR 6sp is 12x1.25 but just want to double check...
  16. R-Spec

    FS: S15 5-Spoke White Pearl Wheels - Advan Yokohama 17"

    Surplus to my rims requirement. Good condition with a good few curb marks. Tyres finished off on track. When fitted Will fit - 215/45 to 235 front - 225/45 to 265 rear They looked like this when new £335ono from Cambridge or Brighton Current condition: Brand: Yokohama Advan...
  17. T

    coilpack cover bolts

    ive lost my coilpack cover bolts so can someone please tell me the correct size thread and length /type of head :thumbs:
  18. L

    Boost Gauge Bulb Help

    Hi all, In desperate need of a new bulb for the stock Spec-R boost gauge, fixed my dash lights last night, got the boost gauge out to find it has a tiny tiny bulb in :( Anyone know where i can get a bulb for this? What size is the gauge aswell?
  19. L

    Does anyone know what size front plate this is?

    Hi, Does anyone know what size this front plate is on the car below (sorry to the person i stole pic from) RPF1's by LiamB91, on Flickr Thanks Liam
  20. C

    FS: Enkie rpf1 for swap or sale. Perfect s15 fitment.

    Fancy some different rims for my 15 so I'm sticking them up, ideally want to swaps, px's but offers around 1100, but I will have to find new rims first. The rims are 18x9 et30 ish falken 452 225/35/18 and 18x9.5 et30ish khumo 255/35/18. idealy I'm after rims in the same size at the front and...