1. G

    fuel smell

    hey guys ive got a really strong fuel smell in the cabin of my s15 and cant figure out were it is coming from, just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what it could be?
  2. JaseYpk

    Interior cabin 'air/pollen filters'?

    Does anyone know if there is an air filter or pollen filter (for the blowers), and where it is? my blowers smell stale and i'm looking to resolve this.. I heard there is an aircon one behind the glove box somewhere, but the a/c smells fine. its just standard blowers that smell nasty.. Cheers :)
  3. Darren_S15

    Whats this then? (Throttle Body Hose)

    So on Sunday I managed to pull off the hose circled in red in the pic below: Some liquid came out of it and I immediatly put it back on as I thought it was a fuel line at first. But whatever it was had no smell and was just like water. Can anyone tell me what its for? Im guess it might be...
  4. Aurora61

    help! car is running very poorly

    I recently put in a new exhaust (80mm / 3in piping). It sounded great when i first put it in, but after a few days, the car started sounding like it was running on 3 cylinders. At idle, the car shakes, and while driving, i feel a loss of power and the sound is noticeably different (sounds like a...
  5. L

    is it normal to get a strong smell of petrol out of da exhaust when running?

    jst wondering is it normal 2 get a strong smell of petrol out of da exhaust when its running as this s my first s15 so im not up 2 d8 with s15. any advice would be lovely.
  6. E

    a POP sound n burning smell

    Hi.. Just want to know ur opinion.. Is it fine or not.. I've replaceed my stock exhaust with 5zigen 2 1/2'' exhaust.. The sound are great.. The problem is there is a POP sound at the exhaust when i shift my gear, is that fine? And i can smell a burning when i park my car after a run..
  7. S

    Plastic Smell

    Hey guys when i start my car i can smell like a plastic burning smell. It only appears as soon as i start the engine and gos away when i turn the engine off. Does anyone know what this might be?
  8. sushiming

    I've got some kinda anti frezze leck somewhere

    anyone know of something like this happening at all....had a quick look and its coing from somewhere near the turbo area but not sure where...i can see leck cuz the bottom of the car is wet where u can smell it aswell...anyone got any ideas what it might be?? :(