1. C

    400bhp Spec R

    Hi, I’m finally an owner of a S15 Spec R! Thanks to everyone for the advice that I’ve received. Loving the car so far, spins the rears in 5th in the wet, quite a scary car! �� (tends to always be wet in Blackpool) Got a few things I need to do. Sort the front drop links out first of all. Some...
  2. H

    Meet: Essex Meets

    I know of 1 or 2 15's around Essex (and surrounding counties too) but I'm sure there are more?! worth trying to sort an occasional meet to geek off?
  3. D

    Looking at buying an S15, need advice!

    Hi guys Looking at buying myself an S15 Spec R. Just wondering what I should be looking out for in particular? Am looking for a low km one (less than 120,000kms), and hopefully rather stock with maybe an upgraded ECU or turbo. What's the sort of things I should look out for with these cars? Any...
  4. F

    Newbie - Southern England

    Hi all, recently got myself a pewter grey spec s with a few goodies but also a few things to sort out :):wave:
  5. S

    OEM turbo manifold gaskets

    Just a quick one guys/girls. My cars blowing really bad i believe from where the turbo bolts to the manifold on the 4 bolt flange. It was blowing here before and i managed to sort it by tightening the 2 studs on the right hand side up however this time it sounds and feels like its the side...
  6. R

    Rev drop when braking

    Only noticed this since fitting the FMIC. The revs will drop to about 500rpm if I pump the brake at idle, wont stall but comes close! I can't seem to find any sort of leak, I'm assuming that's probably the culprit though. Its driving me insane, anyone got an ideas?
  7. s15Irl

    Brand spanking new headlight!

    I finally bit the bullet and splashed out on a new headlight. Got it straight from nissan! Took almost 7 weeks to arrive from Japan! Not a whole lot wrong with my old one except I think there was a pinhole somewhere.. It wasnt damp or letting water in but outside of the plastic was cloudy but...
  8. SK-R

    Found this beauty

    Anyone know what those exact wheels are? Nismos of some sort or? The ones on the rack are TE37s as far as I can see but not sure as the ones on the car.
  9. S


    Recently i've noticed my s15 making a weird noise on start up. It goes away after i've put it into gear and start to accelerate. I'm positive it's the cambelt but i just need confirmation as i don't want future problems to arise. So i'd like to know is this normal or is there some sort of...
  10. Parky

    Open Event: Japfest convoy..?

    I'm not sure exactly where everyone who is attending is from, so no idea if it will work but japfest is closing in fast and we need to sort out some sort of convoy right? If anyone has any ideas from previous years that have worked, or if anyone is already thinking about arranging meeting...
  11. JDM_virgin

    Free Lance S15 Electrician required in SE

    As per the title, I could really do with some help in trying to sort out my car. thought as ive run out of money to get it painted i should sort out the electrics to get her going again. however tis is proving very difficult as the drivers foot well is a complete mess and even though I think...
  12. Parky

    How many S15's in the UK?

    Probably been asked and answered before but just out of curiosity, how many are there in the UK? Is there any website that gives that sort of data?
  13. M

    WTB: S15 windscreen

    As title got cash waiting I'm in gateshead but could collect Pm me and we can sort it out
  14. N

    FS: Spec-R auto gearbox for sale

    Located in Poole Dorset removed at 42k £100. Collection only unless you sort your own courier
  15. K

    Why are s15 so expensive?

    As per the title really, i just dont get it! its not like there aren't many in the country, and they can't have been that much when they were new, but the cheapest S15 on pistonheads currently is £8000, for a car that 12 years old now! im not having moan, as i would love too have one, as i...
  16. R

    Power Gains Spec R

    So I'd like to eventually have an S15 running around 320 - 350 bhp tops. I understand that the clutch would probably need upgrading but i'm unsure what sort of torque/bhp figures require and upgraded clutch kit What sort of modifications would be needed to get this amount of power? I'd assume...
  17. S

    18x10j +12 offset

    How much work would be needed to run these on the rear of an s15 stock arches, wanting to know what sort of camber would need to be ran. Thanks in advance!
  18. M

    WTB: pearl white front wings

    im looking for a pair of metal standard front wings for the 15 i have a set of fibre glass vented fronts that are a little damaged on the arch that could be offered for some sort of deal got money waiting. pm me with details cheers for looking matty
  19. S

    WTB: spec r rear subframe please

    anywhare round basingstoke, reading or london any further must be able to pakage and sort a courier please
  20. J

    apexi fc controller!

    hi, i havnt got a clue how to use it and for some reason my car is running at 0.5bar boost, anyway to turn it up or try to sort using this? thanks :)