1. T

    gearbox noise

    Hey guys I got the following problem: when I start the engine, put it in gear and give it a slight rev I get a bit of a grinding sound. It does this in first and reverse with the clutch fully pressed down (i haven't tried the other gears yet). But the thing is it only does this after I start the...
  2. S

    Engine/Exhaust Sound

    Hi all, I am getting pretty serious about buying a JDM car and would love an S15 above all else currently. One concern I have of late after watching hundreds of youtube vids and visiting forums etc is the SR20DET engine and exhaust sound. Sound is a massive factor with me when choosing a car...
  3. R

    FS: Kenwood 4023BT Double-Din Stereo

    I've hardly used this stereo but as I've now upgraded to one with navigation and I travel a lot :) so I no longer need this one. It has a good set of specs, Brilliant sound quality. Seen here: I'm looking for £110 Posted to...
  4. Misiek_lbn

    blue Spec R on M25

    good looking, great sound, needs more low, but still love it:thumbs:
  5. S

    S15 Tractor Noise

    Hello everyone I've experienced this many times, when my car is idling it'd sound like a tractor. Sound occurs quite frequently and some days it'd sound perfectly fine. When i release the clutch to the clutch point and give gas it goes away. I've done a few research and found out it had...
  6. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Sound Deadening Around Shifter & Rubber Shifter Boot

    I'm after the oem sound deadening which fits around the shifter, and also the rubber shifter boot. i have pictured them below: Sound Deadening Rubber Boot If anyone has either or better yet both, PM me for quickest response! Thanks David
  7. R

    FS: Pioneer 3200-BT Headunit

    I'm selling my Pioneer 3200BT headunit, Its a fantastic unit but I'm not a fan of the volume rockers and I'm bloody fussy. Still works perfectly and comes with leads and fascia. (does not include microphone, can supply if full asking price is paid) It fits in the S15 dash amazingly flush and...
  8. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    knock sound just started..

    not too sure what it is but it only just started and it sounds like its coming from the bottom end area. Stuff just keeps on coming..
  9. T

    Not boosting then thumping sound from block

    Hey guys I'm a new S15 owner and I just serviced it 2 weeks ago. Did spark plugs and spaced them. Then I encountered a problem with it not boosting and a weird sound in the engine bay. Sounded like it was coming from the top of the dump pipe. We took the old gasket out and re sealed it. It seems...
  10. usafdarkhorse

    Noise upon first clutch release

    Hey S15OC I've mulled through a few threads on this issue, namely these: and I'm not entirely sure of what's going on because the...
  11. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    best exhaust for s15?

    Hey guys I need to know what some of the best exhaust and mufflers are going by loudness and great sound. want one real loud haha
  12. S

    Turbo whine?

    Sorry about the crappy vid. I just made it real quick trying to catch it, the whining sound is very low. If I drive it up to boost, it'll sound fine up until around 4k rpms, then it does a crazy loud whine sound. I don't like making the car do this, but I might do it tomorrow and record it on my...
  13. Krish

    Shifter circlip removal!

    Why am I having such a problem getting this off! Everything I've looked at makes it look and sound easy.... Just not for me :-(
  14. R

    sound when turning right

    hey all im noticing a strange sound when turning right (passenger side only) but only after turning the steering quite abit, kinda like a rubbing sound, turning left is no sounds and steering feels fine. any ideas i can go through? thanks :)
  15. Fruitbooter

    Is this not the best sound you've ever heard....

    This for me is one of the best car sounds you can get :nod: Yes yes I know there are far more exotic cars out there which sound nice and I am partial to a nice V8, V10 and beast of a V12 but when you hear a tuned skyline come on boost it just makes you feel like a little kid :D I love it when...
  16. J0R04N

    Taping sound from climate control

    I have had this noise since I brought the car. The climate control makes a strange taping sound when changing which vents the air comes from. Lasts around 5-10 seconds any ideas or is this normal?
  17. Fruitbooter

    This is how an S15 should sound

    Im sure you will agree :nod:
  18. L

    Walbro 341 Noisy

    Heya, My walbro has started making a really annoying buzzing sound, which is apparently normal for a 'walbro'. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the sound? Anyone tried sound deadening to block the sound from the cabin?
  19. I

    Audio installs?

    Has anyone done any audio install work on their cars? Interested to see what others have done. :) Also I have read that S14 owners put sound insulation over the rear wheels to help dampen the tire noise. Does this happen on the S15 at all?
  20. Shawnhalu

    DG5 vs JIC FLT-A2 Susp

    guyz 1st of all i would like to apologize for creating a suspension thread again! but i really need some opinion after reading up thread against price, JDM USDM, etc.(i myself is using JIC FLT-A2 now. which i feel is great. but it seems to be having some prob. it have some knocking sound coming...