1. D

    FS: s15 Mongoose cat back exhaust

    Hi, For sale i have my mongoose cat back exhaust from an s15. This was on the car when it was bought and was changed straight away to a HKS exhaust. This was then stored away. The exhaust is in great condition with no dents or damage at all. There are a few scratches as you would expect but...
  2. S15AK

    Spotted on ebay

    Hi Guys Some of you might remember Dean's old S15, which was one of the cleanest S15's on here. Well its being broken for parts, as by the sounds of the ad its been crashed, which is a real shame :( some brilliant parts up for grabs though...
  3. driftmonkey

    odd noise coming from engine

    well under load there is a constant noise coming from the turbo area of the engine..... sort of sounds like when you put your lips together and blow but more of a rattle sound lol i have a bullet exhaust LOUD!! and this noise is louder. now the car pulls fine, well appears to as i havent driven...
  4. S

    strange noise/ rough start up on cold

    Car suddenly developed a rough start up and idle only on cold start sort sounds like coming from the belt also pod sounds out of place could be dusty afm? I have the z32
  5. JaseYpk

    My Sexy Carbon Turntable :p

    So, since the S15 sex appeal is gone, I've found a new way to grab the ladies attention. Carbon Fibre. Its proven. It works on cars, so I intend to make it work on everything else. Bring on the CF toilet seat, and bring on the (thinks of a PG equivalent for what i'm about to say) women... Sure...
  6. R

    sound when turning right

    hey all im noticing a strange sound when turning right (passenger side only) but only after turning the steering quite abit, kinda like a rubbing sound, turning left is no sounds and steering feels fine. any ideas i can go through? thanks :)
  7. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    problem help! noisy engine

    ok guys please help i'm kinda scared hoping there's nothing too major wrong with my engine. It's making a loud clunking noise sounds like a tractor, it sounds like its coming from the camshaft area could be camshaft I duno. As i get more revs its louder and faster. help cheers
  8. Fruitbooter

    Squeaky pullys?

    Has anyone else had this with the standard pulleys and belts? When accelerating there seems to be a squeaking noise coming from the engine bay, deffinitly sounds like the pulleys? Just wondering if it could be anything else? If it it the pulleys then fitting a Japspeed lightweight pulley set...
  9. 70YSR

    ah no!!! any idea?

    hey guys quick question seeing if anyone has any ideas.. my car started making a weird sort of rumble around 3000rpm... but only seems to do it when its decelerating past 3000 till about 2800.... sounds slightly like an exhaust leak.... got no idea where to look anyone heard this before?? turbo...
  10. D

    VE cams into DE head

    Hi guys, please do forgive me if the question sounds retarded, but can it be done? is it worth it? TQ
  11. Curryzz

    Car runing like a bag of ****e since an hour ago!

    Hi as tittle says i think its an oxygen sensor as my air/fuel gauge has stop reading anything but its jumping around all over the place when i pull away, sounds very unheathy, anyone had this prob? Tryin to work out if it is the O2 sensor? HELP
  12. B

    Ticking Noise

    Right so since i got the car every now and then the car makes a ticking noise when idling, then when you put it in gear and goto drive it for a slight second it sounds like its crunching like its not in gear. it sounds like its coming from the head somewhere? anyone had this problem before?
  13. H

    Turbo Rattle

    Hi guys, Had my s15 a few weeks now :cool: (I'll get pictures up soon - haven't had time as selling old car etc.) and I have a question. Basically I get this rattling whenever I put my foot down. It sounds like it's coming out of the turbo (from left side of dash) and sounds a bit like when...
  14. B

    blow off valve

    This may sound like a stupid question for you guys but i want to know. You know when you have a blow off valve the car accelerates then sounds like its sneazing like a cheeww. But on other cars, for example with my car, it accelrates you can hear the air intake then the release sounds...
  15. mook

    Adding a sub

    I've got a reasonable sound system in the motor at present with all the componant speakers having been replaced and now running off a pleasantly powerful Alpine 4 channel amp. However, there's no sub so I've not quite got the full range of frequencies that deserve to be heard. Now, I'm not by...
  16. G

    Any1 else thinks this looks a bit suss?

    this car is up for sale at the moment this is the cheapest ive seen a spec r for sale for in ireland. anyone else think it sounds too good to be true??
  17. C

    2 way diff

    hi all Has anyone used a 2 way diff? What do you think of it and how does it feel and sounds like? I'm currently using a nismo gt pro one and it's causing alot of weird noise, which sounds like more than the diff itself. thanks andy
  18. H


    Hi guys, has anybody bought a car from AutoAdvan in Leicester? I've done a search and found a guy who nearly bought one but after some mix up due to no model report it seems they sorted him out his cash back etc. which sounds ok. They have a few cheap S15's on Ebay at the moment so thought...
  19. H

    Please Help

    i bought my s15 a few months ago but recently i noticed when the car is cold and i put it in gear this rattle noise comes from what sounds like around the gear box for a few seconds but only when cold,and also when im driving the car cold or hot if i drive pass 3 thouands rpm and take my foot...
  20. K

    exhaust choice ??

    im trying to decide which exhaust to buy , anyone have any pics or sounds bytes for exhuast system of choice ??