1. JDM_virgin

    FS: chrome rear lights

    good condition ideal as replacements or drift spares, £75 posted
  2. T

    FS: Fs apexi pfc

    Apexi power FC for sale used came fron s15 NZ$ 1100 You can ask me about any other spares cheers Best Regards! True JDM e-mail:;
  3. pegliobaglio

    FS: Oem coilpacks

    Have a set of oem coilpacks for sale. I took them off my car ,they were all in perfect working order when removed. I was going to keep them for spares but think I will get some split fires instead. 130 delivered in the uk
  4. N

    WTB: SSR professor sp1 split bolts

    If anyone has a knackard wheel I could do with some spares to rebuild mine. I need the long and short bolts with chromed heads
  5. N

    FS: DESMOND REGAMASTERS 17 x 9 et 18. polished...

    I've seen some wheels I quite fancy for my r32 so I'm considering letting go of these.. They are the original Polished with metallic blue inners, some light curb damage not perfect but could be very easily perfected. All four centre cap's present. 17 x 9 et 18 all round Tyres are all...
  6. Havoc

    FS: Passenger side HID Headlight. Smashed/Spares.

    Right im going to gauge interest on this and open to offers on it. Anyway its for a HID passenger side headlight. lens and casing on it is heavily damaged. But the whole light and unit its self is is in fine working order so if anyone needs any of it for spares make me an offer. ill get some...
  7. pegliobaglio

    Engine parts painted?? Interested??

    Hi guys, As some of you may know I have recently started painting cars etc and been doing a bit of airbrushing too i might be getting hold of a s15 rocker cover and intake mani spares as I want to spray mine was wondering if anyone else would be interested in getting theirs painted? Because I...
  8. EvilChap

    FS: S15 Spec R Driveshafts Ending shortly, looking like a bargain for anybody who wants spares or has broken 1!
  9. C

    FS: S15 Spec S - breaking for spares

    Spec S (non-turbo) breaking for spares It's dark blue in colour, with bright orange front seats/door cards Vitrually all body pannels, interior and mechanical bits remaining - (not aero front bumper) Let me know what bits you want, and i'll get availability, condition, and a price...