1. cviesins

    Speedo Help

    Hey guys, I need some help please. Ive got a 2000 Spec R that I've RB swapped. Its a RB25DET NEO with a wiring specialties harness and a Haltech Platnium Pro Plug In ECU for a R34 GTT. I would like to get my speedo working, but need some help on getting it hooked up and functioning. I'm not...
  2. M

    FS: S15 spec r speedo cluster

    S15 spec r speedo cluster, was reading 29k, all works. £200 collection from Witney, Oxfordshire. can post for extra cost. Thanks Liam
  3. vancouvers15

    Speedo and Odo problem

    Speedo isn't working and odometer isn't accumulating. 5 speed box and using Power FC. Hand module also not registering speed. ABS light on, front ABS sensors removed. ABS Controller (passenger side of engine bay) is plugged in. ABS ecu next to PFC appears to be connected. Likely the VSS...
  4. J

    Speedo Conversion, Where to take the live from?

    Hi guys, Currently in the middle of changing the speedo from KPH to MPH, I've soldered in the signal feed and the converter but where should I take the live feed from and ground? Is there anything on the same loom that can be used? I did see a driftworks post of someone saying that there and...
  5. M

    Does a kazz 2way s14 diff fit an s15?

    As above what way does the abs sensor work for the speedo Any help appreciated
  6. jake

    S15 speedo

    Any body know how to get and s15 speedo to run with and rb25 engine, gearbox and loom As I know the s15 runs off abs and I don't have abs or the s15 loom Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. sibbers

    Speedo dials... anyone know how to make them?

    I'm totally used to driving around using kph now, in fact it makes way more sense to me than mph which is something I'd never expected... I can completely imagine how far a few km's are whereas after all this time of driving I still can't properly imagine how far miles are. Trouble is we are...
  8. S

    Speedo dropping to 0

    So over the last few days my speedo has started cutting out and dropping to 0. It does this pretty randomly. Seems to be worse when I'm going slow and the road is more bumpy, so I'm guessing I've got a loose connection or something. I imagine I must have a kph->mph convertor spliced in...
  9. G

    Speed converter problem

    Recently fitted mph converter, after 50mph the speedo stops working. does anyone know why? helpppp
  10. B

    WTB: Speedo bulbs

    Hi has anyone got some spare bulbs for the back of my speedo or know where I can get them from? I need 3 and a bulb holder aswell, thanks
  11. S

    Speed Sensor Wiring

    I was hoping to get a little help, or at least a good start on my issue. I purchased an S15 Spec S that was converted with an S14 SR20DET and tranny. I call her my Spec R/S (or S/R, not sure which way I like it better). I'll be posting a build thread once I get off my lazy @$$ and transfer my...
  12. O

    Speedo not working

    Ive recently bought an s15 and doing some bits to get it on the road. For some reason the speedo doesnt work, i was told it was working before but i dont think its ever worked. Im tracing the wires an came across this box new the footwell fuse box, can anyone shed any light on what this...
  13. Fruitbooter

    S15 rear abs speed sensor

    Sorry to do another thread but this is a different question. Does this sensor have any other role on performance other than the abs system? Today I took the abs fuse in the footwell out which dissabled the abs but also the speedo...now im 90% sure this has caused overfueling.. 1. more pops...
  14. Cris69

    FS: Lockwood silver speedo dial

    New never used Lockwood speedo dial looking for £32 delivered Picture to follow
  15. M

    s15 diff advice asap

    hi i baught an s15 specs and failed mot for no abs, on inspection it seems that the two way diff fitted is a non abs diff also no speedo, was wondering if an s14 or 14a with abs would this sort me out? cheers
  16. ali619

    Post a pic of your speedo

    Hey people, just have a quick query as all. Here in Northern Ireland we are blessed with being attached to the south of Ireland and because of that any cars on the road must have dual marked speedo's i.e. MPH and KPH. Now when I do get an S15 I will need to ensure that my car reads on both MPH...
  17. Z

    Greddy Turbotimer - Speedsignal

    Hi guys, i have installed the Greddy Turbotimer, but i don't know where i can gat the speedsignal. (Somewhere from the speedo ?!) I place the wire from the TT to the speedo and don't know with wich wire i have to connect it on the speedo. Need your Help. Thanks
  18. R

    1JZ conversion...

    Has anyone on here performed a 1JZ conversion on their 15? I think I've got all the bits, but I'm currently not aware of any particular things that might be a problem with the S15 chassis! Also, I believe the speedo should still work as it's driven from the diff's ABS sensor? Does this sound...
  19. J

    speedo bulbs

    hi, at the moment ive got blue bulbs in my speedo and there so rubbish i cant see my speedo in the dark. what bulbs do i need and does anyone know how to.take the speedo out? thanks
  20. CMR

    ABS query

    Has anyone removed the ABS pump and corresponding parts, but retained the sensor in the diff and wiring back to the ECU, and still got a speedo reading? Want to remove ABS eventually but don't want to lose the speedo or mess about with a digital converter etc.