1. Jay-pan

    Aftermarket front bumpers

    Hello! I am after a front bumper i want something along the lines of D1 GP of the wise square S15. or this if anyone knows the make of it... Let us know some good sites to buy front bumpers from.
  2. slammedmind

    WTB: yashiro or wise square rear lights

    looking for rear lights from either yashiro factory or wise square must be in perfect condition, what have you got?
  3. S15AK

    Number plates?

    Hi Guys.. What is the deal with square front number plates? I've got a drift kit on so the best place to hang a plate is a 11x8 square plate on the near side front. Just wandering if that is illegal, and if anyone else has their plate in that position? I've already ordered one so its a...
  4. T

    What is this for?

    Right its time to start tidying my car up under the bonnet and cleaning things up a little. There are a few bits I'm not happy with that've been ghetto bodged previously :( But one random thing I came across on my travels is OE fit but I don't know the purpose of it... If you look at the...
  5. S

    Wise Square on Yellow...

    I tried and tried to find Wise Square light on Yellow S15 but none came up... Has anyone got one? I'm talking about Wise Square LED like the one on Nicely's. Not black inner, not chrome but dark gunmetal/dark chrome type.
  6. W

    Wise Square kit, anyone have it?

    D1 GP Looks amazing. How much did you pay?
  7. D

    wise square kit

    i know wise square have sold up but i know someone is still making the kits, any ideas on who to contact to get hold of it as my japenese is crap:cry: tryed two bodyshops already but noone can seem to find out where to get them
  8. P

    WTB: Wise Square rear lights

    as topic title says, where can I buy these lights?