1. FreakensNL

    WTB: [S15] Studs & Spacers 8mm for Ohlins and Volks

    I have Ohlins and Volks :cool: with 5mm spacers but they just touch the spring so need a bit more clearance... first off: I hate spacers but what can you do I'm thinking of going for 8mm once to be on the safe side saw these: but they don...
  2. R

    Extended Wheel Studs + Spacers - Recommended Brands?

    Hiya folks, Needing a set of extended wheel studs from my fronts as my front wheels are held on by three turns, a whole lot of torque and some fervent praying. Also need a set of 25mm spacers to clear my coils. Was curious if anyone had any recommended brands for studs + spacers? Can get them...
  3. NICKO

    WTB: Longer Nismo Wheel Studs front

    After the Front Extended Nismo wheel studs for my s15 :nod: anyone got any new or second hand? cheers :thumbs:
  4. dave_t

    WTB: S15 nismo extended studs (front)

    Im needing some Nismo (to guarantee quality) front extended studs, so i can run slip on spacers. If anyone has a set they havent got round to using, or knows a UK supplier, drop me a pm thanks
  5. S

    FS: Tomei expreme manifold and elbow

    Forsale tomei manifold, brand new in box, comes with all studs, heat wrap and ties and gasket £550 delivered Tomei elbow, brand new in box, comes with studs and gaskets. £150 delivered quality is excellent as you would expect
  6. JaseYpk

    Snapped Stud Removal? :(

    Yeah.. the troublemaker strikes again.. *sigh* I've a photo, but i'm an iPhone spaz and cant use the damn thing. But basically one of the turbo to elbow studs has snapped. There is about 1 or 2mm sticking out the turbo, the rest is threaded in, but i dont know how deep/far. It looks in good...
  7. M

    10mm hub centric spacers

    hey all. i need a set of 10mm hub centric wheel spacers for my s15, any one know where is best to get them from (cant see them in dw shop) and do i need longer studs for 10mm and how easy or hard are the studs to change. thanks matty
  8. S15_SAM

    Front wheel/hub studs and wheel nut problems. Need help

    Basically I picked my s15 up last week and the PERSON who had it before me obviously couldn't do the wheel nuts up properly, they were ultralight wheel nuts (it has ultralight wheels too) and they are cross threaded and basically buggered. I want to replace the studs with longer ones so I can...
  9. sliding-r

    Longer Wheel Studs

    Hi, i am running coilovers and have 5 mm wheel spacers for the front otherwise they rub coils.. can someone let me know of the right place to get some longer wheel studs. I have heard of Nismo studs but are there a cheaper good alternative. there was a rally supplies company i saw...
  10. LuPix_S15

    Guide to fitting longer wheel studs

    Ok guys... Thought I'd try my hand at some sort of quick reference guide since this forum has helped me out a lot over the past 12 months - ever since I got the 'modding bug' lol :) As with a lot of owners on S15OC, I've recently upgraded to much wider wheels... for info they are Rota GTR's...
  11. andeep

    Japspeed turbo elbow confusion

    I have just received my turbo elbow for my S15 Silvia. I do not have to car just yet, but was sourcing all the parts ready to fit when I get the car. The turbo elbow has 5 holes to be fitted to the turbo. The japspeed turbo elbow came with 5 studs: 3 x thick ones with 1 nut on the end and 2x...
  12. P

    THS Elbow Fitting

    I'm fitting a THS elbow and downpipe this weekend in situ. What puzzles me is that the fitting kit includes: - 3x M10 Studs - 2x M8 Studs with washers And some other bits which are fine. BUT, I thought the turbo to elbow studs were all M8? Or is my memory playing tricks. I dont want to...
  13. Darren_S15

    Exhaust Manifold Stud Problem

    OK so Im going to be removing my turbo this weekend to fit braided hoses. Earlier this evening I removed the nuts off my manifold after they had soaked in WD40 for over a day. Two of the studs have come out with them though. Now this is the weird bit, both stud have different threads on...
  14. K

    Cross threaded studs

    Was putting on the wheel spacers 2day and i cross threaded 2 of the studs badly are the s15 studs the same as any Nissan car? Gonna repalce the studs instead of trying the fix the threads :mad: