1. Saxon

    WTB: S15 Fog Lamps

    Hi all, I'm after a pair of front fog lamps for the non-aero bumper. Preferably with the plastic grilles and stuff to go with it but if it's just the lamps themselves then that would be great too! Cheers!
  2. L

    WTB: s15 drivers side door

    looking for a good condition drivers side door, doesn't need any of the inner stuff
  3. A

    Leaky oil cooler?

    It looks like I have a leak, is it from the hose or the radiator do you think? Im running less than 300bhp & don't track it do I really need it, could it be easily removed or will I need OEM hoses & stuff? Thanks.
  4. Mange

    FS: Interor; Center console parts

    Got a mate who is selling some stuff. Anyone interested? Dont now what price they go for? Offers? Cheers / Magnus
  5. S

    Modified Insurance

    Hello, I insured my S15 with Need to Insure and they covered all modifications and offered track days aswell which was a bonus! They gave me a really good price and know their stuff! Highly recommend them. :nod:
  6. E

    Service for Spec s

    Hi people, Sorry if this is a silly question, i'm looking to service a spec s and it's mainly coming up with Almera stuff as they are both sr20de, just wanted to make sure that this stuff will be fine for a 15
  7. shelb

    S15 optional parts catalogue (optional extras book)

    I picked this up a couple months ago and thought some people on here may be interested in seeing it. It also has all the different radio options and stuff
  8. S

    FS: Skyline r33 gtst EBC uprated rear discs and yellow stuff pads

    For any of you that may be running R33 rear brake set up Brand new in box drilled and grooved rear discs rear yellow stuff pads £250 for the set
  9. S

    FS: EBC front discs and yellow stuff pads

    Brand new in box drilled and grooved stock replacement front discs and yellow stuff pads Pads in picture are for a 300zx TT but are the same for 200sx s14/s15 £250
  10. T

    evans waterless coolant

    Noob question first how much water does the 15 take to fill with the oem rad fitted :confused: Next has anyone used this stuff in a sr20 and is it worth the money [cars running 330/bhp at the moment if this makes any difference:confused:
  11. s15Irl

    New users???

    Whats with all the new users?? I just click on a few new looking names in the online bit below and most of them are advertising pharmacy drugs and stuff?? Whats the dealio?
  12. Parky

    Meet: S15oc social stuff...

    Just an observation but there doesn't seem to be any s15oc social stuff going on at all. I kinda expected people to be keen for a stand at japfest or whatever and there never seem to be any meets going on.. Everyone on here seems cool on here and it would be good to meet people and talk 15s in...
  13. ArTo

    S15 from Germany

    Hey guys, want to show my S15 from Germany. She comes from Japan and was 3 months in UK and now 2 years in Germany. Already got a lot of specs as bigger FMIC, Genuine Bride seats, XXR Wheels, Mishimoto stuff, URAS bodykit, BuddyClub coilovers, Defi gauges, some carbon parts and some other...
  14. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    knock sound just started..

    not too sure what it is but it only just started and it sounds like its coming from the bottom end area. Stuff just keeps on coming..
  15. LeeSpecR

    Best oil for a tuned sr20det.

    I'm going to change the oil on my s15,I've had a look through the forum and lots of people use different oil. I'm looking at millers,the nano drive stuff. What viscosity would you use? 10/40? Cheers Lee
  16. J

    help.... again..... so close to scrapping my car.

    yet again i have another problem! i am know getting a stupid high knock reading at full throttle aroudn 4,700rpm. it hits between 75-80knock. what actually causes knock? like what effects it. spark? air? fuel? im running out of stuff to change/check. any ideas will be helpful. personally i...
  17. K

    WTB: s15 front bumper support and wing

    hey guys im am in need of an oem crash or bumper support for my s14.5 and want a s15 wing too. if anyone has those things laying post your stuff here. i cant seem to find none in the US lol.
  18. Krish


    Slowly starting to change things on the s15! Before After More stuff to be done over the coming weeks.
  19. I

    Yashio factory stuff!!!

    Hey folks, At the moment we currently have a few bits of Yashio available for next day delivery... 5 Speed Gear Knob - £70 delivered in the UK 6 Speed Gear Knob - £70 delivered in the UK Pink Radiator Hose - £55 delivered in the UK As with all our stuff, these prices are inclusive of all...
  20. C

    The Cap'ns Black Silvia

    Hi everyone, I'm Alex and I live near Stirling in Scotland. After lurking on here for a while and a 1000 miles round trip I finally bought myself a black Silvia. It's was sourced by Mike at torque gt. I'm not entirely sure what mods it has but I'm aware of the following: Power stuff...