1. Max

    FS: 2 x aftermarket sumps, replica Aero bumper, carbon heat shield

    Mini garage clearout to raise funds. Greddy replica cast aluminium SR20DET sump. Small leak from one of the through bolt holes. (the one with the red sealant on) Surely can be repaired easily. Sensor and valve not included, 4 x long allen bolts included. £35 posted Canton SR20DET sump. Amazing...
  2. oilman

    Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs now available

    In the past we’ve often been asked if we sell magnetic sump plugs? Well we have some good news – WE DO NOW and they're not just any magnetic sump plug they're Gold Plug all the way from the US of A! These plugs feature the most powerful magnets in the world and they knock the socks of their...
  3. Auss15

    Greddy magnetic sump plug *WARNING*

    G Decided to change the oil today in the S15 and pulled the Greddy sump plug out. This is the 3rd oil change I have done since fitting the magnetic sump plug. Putting it back in, I just started to put some tightening pressure on it with a small socket wrench after doing 3/4 up by...
  4. JaseYpk

    Rural Run - The Car That Likes The Dirt

    Fresh from the press, without a wash, with knackered oil sump, i bring to you: The Car That Likes The Dirt. Hope you liked! :)
  5. JaseYpk

    WTB: Oil Sump!!! :(

    Ok, so i whipped mine off today to see if i can find where one of the many leaks are coming from, and hey presto. one rotting oil sump. its only got a few speckles on the inside, but it looks thin and not sure how much longer its going to last.. Ideally i'd like an OEM one in decent condition...
  6. JaseYpk

    Oil Sump issues?

    Ok so ive got a slight oil leak which has just started. well, actually i've got two. ones on the bottom pipe on the turbo but that should be a simple fix. the other is 'i think' the oil sump.. If i were to drain the oil, and unbolt the sump, is anything going to fall out and be a pain in the...
  7. Y

    Upper sump removal?.

    I have just removed the gearbox from my s15 and have noticed there is a hairline crack in the upper sump and oil is seeping through it..i am going to replace this part but is it possible to slide it out once unbolted or will i have to drop the front crossmember(think that is the name of the part...
  8. J0R04N

    FS: Standard plastic sump tray cover

    Got this sump tray lying around. I managed to get another one from garage d. Been stitched back together. Nothing wrong with it, as strong as it would have been before it had a knock :wack: be perfect for a drift car. Price: FREE collection prefered.
  9. J0R04N

    WTB: WANTED S15 Standard Front bumper (Aero Style)

    After the above. Just had mine repainted but the clips for the sump tray have broken off :mad: So if anyone has an aero bumper, or doesnt use there's with the sump tray and would like some cash there way along with my bumper then let me know :)
  10. Y

    sr20 det oil overfill question

    would having the oil level approx 1cm above the H line on the dipstick be a major problme in an sr20det, or is that not too bad. Just dont want to have any oil starvation due to frothing occur. I heard if its too full like 1 litre over or so then it can be a major issue but not sure how low...
  11. Trial_S15

    Oil sump / pan; Same in Spec S as Spec R?

    As above, I'm looking for a baffled oil sump for my non turbo but is it the same in the Spec S as the Spec R because nobody advertises SR20DE ones?
  12. S

    Sump need a gasket?

    I have to take my sump off and I have motor factors saying that I need a gasket and others sealant. Anyone know?