1. P

    Open Event: Goodwood Breakfast Club: Japanese Sunday 7th Oct

    Anyone going to Goodwood Breakfast Club: Japanese Sunday 7th Oct? Goodwood Breakfast Clubs | Goodwood Motor Circuit
  2. oilman

    Win 2 tickets to Knockhill - 20th August

    Hi guys Opie Oils have a pair of tickets to Knockhill Racing Circuit up for grabs, so if you and a guest fancy spending the day watching the Scottish Championship Car Racing this Sunday, then you may be in luck! To be in with a chance of winning these tickets, all you have to do is drop us a...
  3. Mycool

    Aston martin pearl white s15

    Have not posted pics etc on here for a long time now so i thought id post up a few - Hope you enjoy! I Went for a photoshoot with one of my mates last sunday as the weather was nice & I'm quite impressed with the out come! Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot 👍🏻 multi hosting...
  4. M

    Hi from Colchester

    Hi, I'm Morgan and I've currently got torque gt searching for a S15 for me (hopefully might have good news tomorrow!) was as initially after a FD but after going to my friends meet on Sunday (6two1) and seeing a few of the silvias there I decided to change my mind. whoever has the red aero, if...
  5. M

    S15 in gillingham(Dorset)

    Seen a grey aero kitted spec r s15 in gill about 10 mins ago go past the fuel station, also seen it around the same time and place last Sunday
  6. justin666

    Slammed Pewter S15, M40 towards oxford Sunday afternoon...

    As per title :) Slammed Pewter S15, M40 towards oxford Sunday afternoon around 1530hrs bouncing and bobbing along the inside line and generally looking badass :). I always see other S15's when im not in mine but I did Wave at ya from the missus's Juke :) lol J.
  7. Lai

    White 15 at Beaulieu Motor Museum

    As above Sunday 4th Aug Anyone here? Sent from Lai-Phone using Tapatalk
  8. Nissan_S15

    Meet: The Fast Show - Santa Pod Race Way, Sunday 17th March

    Hey guys, Just thought I would let you know that Santa Pod is hosting yet another Fast Show this year and it would be great if a couple of us from the silvia club could attend! I personally will be attending, as I will be entering my car into the show and shine competition this time round ;)...
  9. J

    Help! Another problem! Car won't start :-(

    Right my s15 will no longer start for some reason? Its been having a few problems lately. We thought it was a fuel/ignitionn problem. Fuel pump, coilpacks, fuel filter and spark plugs have been changed. The car was running great for about an hour then all of sudden it wouldn't idle and...
  10. mattyjp

    Open Event: santa pod japshow finale 29th-30th september

    tickets are: £22 full weekend hardcore camping legends £14 sunday show offs gate opens at 8am on saturday and for those of you coming on the sunday it opens between 7-8am for clubs to get set up before the public arrive at 8am all the other info needed is on For the weekender...
  11. J

    Detailing Jem - Dates available in August

    With July already fully booked, I thought it would be best to get August's dates up:thumbs: That said, if you do what your car done, please do PM me as someone might drop out, or I might be able to squeeze another day in somewhere :thumbs: Please see this thread for more info and the the...
  12. J

    Detailing Jem - Dates available in July - Fully booked already!

    Well this is a first, I'm already fully booked a month in advance :D That said, if you do what your car done, please do PM me as someone might drop out, or I might be able to squeeze another day in somewhere :thumbs: Please see this thread for more info and the the Detailing Jem website...
  13. Shorty

    Meet: NDC meet?

    Hey guys, As some of you may know, this year a new drifting championship has begun called Northern Drift Championship which is held at Teesside Autodrome. This is the 26th/27th August (sunday N monday bank holiday) I thought this would be a good time to have a little meet. I'll be down anyway...
  14. N

    Hi All, Just a short introduction.

    Hi All, Just a short introduction. I’m Nicola and I work for Modified Live & JAE some of you may already know me but to those that don’t, hello. Hope you don't mind me posting on your forum and keeping you all up-to-date with the up & coming events in 2012. I shall will post up our next...
  15. J

    Detailing vs. S15 and MR-2 Turbo

    Was a busy weekend for me, and a little rain dodging too. First was this MR-2 Turbo which was already in stunning condition, so getting the most from the silver paintwork was the order of the day: Then on Sunday was Nickichi's lovely S15, which had the full works of exterior, interior...
  16. Darren_S15

    Open Event: JapShow 2011 - Santa Pod Raceway - Sunday 19th June

    JapShow 2011 tickets are now on sale to clubs However they require a minimum of 10 cars before we qualify for a club stand. The event is on Sunday 19th June and at the Santa Pod Raceway (NN29 7XA) and advanced tickets are £12 (I will also be asking for an additional £2 per booking for...
  17. P

    Fancy using your car properly ? Come Sprinting with the Toyota Sprint Series in 2011

    Not sure if any of you would be interested in this......... I compete in the Toyota Sprint Series and they have a class X for any non toyota cars. Anyone from here would be made welcome.............. Its a great day out and if enough of you come along you can have a mini series !! check...
  18. Darren_S15

    Open Event: 2011 Events / Shows

    Ok so after managing to get the club to JAE this year I thought it would be nice to try and make some more events next year. Hopefully we can make this post a sticky? ;) Id like to get an idea of what events people would like to go to and then maybe we can pick 3 or 4 and try and make it as a...
  19. J0R04N

    Meet: Sunday 10th October At Bassets pole birmingham

    There is a big car meet every sunday here. There are quite a few people heading up this weekend. Last week there were quite a few S14. Thought mite be nice to see a few more S15 up there. Mine is the only one that is ever there. If any of you live local might be worth coming up. Normally some...
  20. J

    a little video of our diffin day out on sunday,

    hi guys, here is a link of me in the s15 and another video of a spec s, chaser 600bp and twin cam. At a diff day in tipperary on sunday my s15 the others have a look, hope you enjoy