1. R

    WTB: Radio surround and shift boot console

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the radio surround and the shift boot console thing, can have scratches but no cracks so if someone has one left pm me :) Thanks
  2. V

    WTB: Stereo surround and arch liner

    As above I need a stereo surround (with heated rear screen button) and a near side front arch liner for my newly acquired specR Would like as good condition as poss. I'm in the West Mids but can travel
  3. B

    Electric Window/Folding Mirror Switch SHOULD IT LIGHT UP ?

    Hi have looked through many pages of the Electrical Section but cant find a answer, apologies if its been covered already been trying to sort out all the illumination on the inside of the car, Instrument cluster, climate control unit & lighter surround are sorted, are the switches in the...
  4. L

    Whose got a carbon radio surround & where to buy

    Hi all, Ive purchased some Yashio Factory parts (Gearknob, Handbrake Button & Gaitor). now im wanting a carbon radio surround with shifter surround aswell. Picture below Ive heard some replica one (such as EPRacing are a poor fit), so im looking for a genuine one? anyone have any idea what its...
  5. CMR

    FS: Yashio Factory Gear boot and OEM surround

    As above Genuine Yashio Factory Gear boot Carbon pattern, pink stitching Nissan OEM 6 speed gear surround (The moon face sticker can be peeled off if required) £40 posted for both to UK I can ship abroad at cost.
  6. K

    WTB: S15 interior parts needed

    I am looking for these parts: S15 digital climate control with pigtail S15 master switch and passenger switch with pigtail S15 radio brackets S15 carbon fiber radio surround S15 carbon fiber door switches surround S15 carbon fiber interior door handle surround I need it shipped to California...
  7. S15Cro

    Wobbily gear stick, is this normal?

    As the title says, the gear stick in my Spec S S15 feels very loose when in neutral and when in gear it still has alot of play! Iv always noticed it but I have no problem selecting gear so never took notice. Is this common in S15's? Just recently tried fitting a gear stick surround and it...
  8. M

    WTB: gear stick surround and air vents

    as above looking the gear stick surround for a manual s15. last owner threw it out due to 5 speed box and couple of air vents wanted last owner cut them out for gauges :(
  9. Parky

    FS: OEM rear lights + driver's side dmax 50/50 (repaired) + interior bits...

    I have a set of oem rear lights in good condition, not sure how much they go for so say £100 posted? If that's too much / too little then let me know please and I will adjust! Edit - £45 posted I also have a DMax 50/50 rear light that arrived from Japan with the corner smashed thanks to EMS...
  10. Parky

    WTB: Gearstick gaiter / base and surround

    The plastic ring that my gearstick gaiter attaches to is damaged and doesn't seem to fit the surround, assuming it's the original gaiter and base from an automatic, so if anyone has one then let me know, cash waiting, cheers!
  11. sparks

    Carbon fibre radio surround.

    Any suggestions on the best place to buy a carbon radio surround have been looking at one by epracing looks good price £169. Has any one on here have one on there motor?
  12. slammedmind

    FS: S15 parts, greddy, vertex, Tein

    Have some parts i no longer have need for: Greddy 3 peice pully set (blue) second hand but in good condition €150 ono Vertex lang rear spoiler (small lip spoiler) Brand new never painted or packaging opened €250 ono s15 dash cluster (speedo, revs) complete, no idea what mileage is on them €50...
  13. J

    WTB: Wanted Passenger wind deflector, gear surround, uk maps for jap satnav

    as above looking for: Passenger wind deflector, gear surround, uk maps for jap satnav? Also want an Aero front bumper. Anyone know the nissan part number? Cheers Joey
  14. J

    New Black S15 Owner

    Hi guys, Ive been a member of sxoc for 8 years and still have my s14.a but I went and bought this! I'll have better pictures later on today. Its a Standard Spec S Decat Shotgun Exhaust Body Kit - Rear Dmax type I think. My friend down south has picked this up for me. It has been through...
  15. J

    WTB: OEM S15 Gear Surround and Gaiter

    Looking for the Gear Surround with the lettering of 1-6 and reverse indented in it, do nissan sell the OEM ones still?
  16. T

    FS: Radio surround

    For sale this S15 Spec S Radio Surround. Only downside is that it has some cut corner in the top. Asking 30,- pounds for it. Shipping to anywhere is possible, costs are for the buyer.
  17. S15_SAM

    FS: Centre console Surround (cracked slightly)

    I have this spare centre console surround. It's got two small cracks and abit of scuffing but would be ideal for someone to repair and carbon wrap, dip etc! See second pics for cracks. £7.50 posted in uk!
  18. mint

    WTB: Gearstick Surround + Dash

    Afternoon all. Looking for the following please. s15 Spec R (6 speed) gear shifter surround (Plastic bit and bit for gaitor) and Dash. and Ta!
  19. K

    RHD panels?

    Hi, does anyone know where to buy a LHD center console (the e-brake whole in the opposite side), or who makes them, or can make them? also a LHD radio/shifter surround? I am also looking for a LHD S15 dashboard with a working glove box. If I can't find one, i will just buy a RHD dash and...
  20. J

    FS: Gaitor surround

    just a spare which is no longer need, there is only the odd minor small scratch. £10+postage