1. H

    Hello from Sweden!

    Been on here for a while lurking around but never did I introduce myself. My name is Daniel, 26 and living in sweden. I had my S15 for 1.5year now and tried to rescue it from the previous owner :) Made some basic mods, like pod, 3" exhaust, coilpack, exedy clutch, nismo engine and...
  2. I

    hello from sweden

    hey guys, im new here, and i think ill need help from you, in future :) so,this is my silvia
  3. K

    WTB: Front parts to my s15.

    Hi my s15 got hit by a Toyota supra in the front and I need some new parts. The insurance company will fix the car but I know I will take a long time to get the parts here in Sweden so I thought I could chase the parts here. I need Aero front bumper Headlights Hood front fenders Front Bumper...
  4. K

    First time Nissan owner from Sweden

    Well now when I'm new here I think I have to introduce my self. 31 years old from Sweden. And in love Japanese cars and Japanese culture. The two latest cars have been. Honda Integra Type-R DC5 and a Mitsubishi Evo 9. Not so good at this but I can show some pictures of my latest cars. And my...
  5. Mange

    FS: Tomei ECU for Stage 1 mods

    Hey guys, I picked this one up earlier this winter from a guy here in Sweden that had it in his S15. Worked really well he said. My planes changed abit after I got it and now when I've gone with Apexi Power FC, I have no use for it. I saw one that was for sale here earlier...
  6. Mange

    Hey from Sweden #2

    Saw that antoher swedish guys just introduced himself, so I thought I might do the same. My name is Magnus Rydberg, I'm 21 years old and a proud S15 owner since a month. My S15 is fairly standard. It has a FMIC, 3" exhaust and a chip of some kind. I havent got huge plans for it but I suppose...
  7. S

    Hej hej from Sweden!

    Hi guys! My name is Sebastian, I'm 18 and live in Sweden, I have owned two S13's but only have one left nowadays. Bought my first one back in '09 and I've been modifiying it ever since. (http://www.garaget.org/?car=159233 if you want to check it out) :cool: I have now finished school and got...
  8. Mange

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Spec R

    Hello guys my name is Magnus and Im from Sweden, I know there are alot of uk guys hanging around here so I thought I'd pop the question if any of you know a good car that I would be able to buy. I've dreamed of a S15 spec R for a while now and I'm going to the UK in mid may to buy one.. I...
  9. F

    WTB: 1,5 or 2 way diff

    1,5 or 2 way diff wanted, just the diff or a complete case.. Hope its no problem send it to sweden.. PM what you got...
  10. Yakozan

    WTB: Coilpack wanted

    Started the S15 up today and it suffered from the Subaru syndrome. So I need a coilpack :) Anyone has a good functional coilpack for me? Let me know how much wou want for it with postage to Sweden. Paypal only, unless located in Sweden or if you have a Swedish bank account for some reason.
  11. D

    Meet: Swedish S15 gathering!!!

    Hi everyone!! I´m checking right now here in Sweden for an gathering with all S15 owners. And right now It looks like there is going too be a couple that will come. I can say so mutch that I have called a company here i Sweden that has an S15. And I asked them if they could come as well. He...
  12. Yakozan

    Swedish GTR High performance tour

    Just came back from Gothenburg where Nissan had invited me and a bunch of other GTR fans and soon to be owners to see the first GTR on Swedish soil as far as I know. The Swedish Nissan HPC will handle the orders from Sweden, Norway and Denmark and they've sold a total of 36 units. 34 in Sweden...
  13. D

    Order from PerfectRun

    Hallo Everyone! I?m thinking of ordering some wheelnuts from PerfectRun. It says that it?s 16 of them. And 4locks. That means it?s 20. Right? How long does it take to have them in Sweden? Many thanks! //Daniel
  14. S

    Hello i need some advise

    Hello guys! I have just imported a s15 Spec R -99 from japan,. the car is about to reach Sweden in about a week.. Shipping company contacted me yesterday wtih the bad news that they have lost the keys to the car! :furious: I have heard that JDM spec dont have Immobilizers.. talked to my...
  15. Yakozan

    video: Jap-Meet Sweden DVD teaser

    A teaser Video from this years Jap-Meet in Mantorp, Sweden http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGlgA3a6sLo I'm looking forward for the full DVD :) This was just a 1 day event. But next year it will be a 2-day event.
  16. I


    well thought itd be good to say hi since im new here,my names carl i run a japanese car import and export service and we are dealers for various tuning companies we can get almost anything and specilise in hunting down parts,we also sell oem replacement parts just need a chassis number to do so...
  17. Yakozan

    Gatebil track event, Sweden, anyone wanna go?

    Link to the website. http://www.gatebil.no/index.php?language=gb date and location: Gatebil Festival, Mantorp (Sweden) - 29th-1st of July (Friday-Sunday) So. Does anyone wanna come over. :) If it was closer to my home I could have offered a place to sleep. But It's to far away so I will...
  18. Yakozan

    Now we've got 3 S15s in Sweden :)

    This little baby landed a while ago in Sweden making our total S15 population three now :) This is going to be a drifting car. The owner used to have a Silvia S13 which he competed with in the Swedish Drift Series SDS. Planned specs for 2007 is: Coilovers better bushings Modified steering...
  19. Yakozan

    Video: Samuel H?binette drifts Dragonnoirs D1GP S15

    http://www.sportbilen.se/index.php?page=blandat.php?id=533 From an event in V?ster?s Sweden.
  20. C

    Hello from Sweden - S15 Newbie.

    Hello! My name is Richard Clark i'm 18 year's old located in Link?ping - Sweden. Been thinking of buying a S15 after this Winter, friend of Yakozan and really like his ride. So if you've got some tip's about s15, what I should look for when i'm buying one and maybe if you can recomend diffrent...