1. S

    WTB: Boost pillar cover

    Hey guys I'm after the cover that goes over the factory boost gauge, the part number is 76987 85f10. I Iive in Sydney Australia so closer the better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M

    Hey guys ! Love this forum !

    I currently own a mitsubishi mirage Ce and have done small DIY mods, it was my first car and am looking to upgrade to a Silvia S15 Autech as I'm still on my P's, if any one can give me some info on: -Trustworthy Sydney importers -Things to look out for when buying one -and anything else you can...
  3. Juicesif

    FS: S15 Jdm turbo wanted !!

    Hey guys any one in Sydney selling a BB T28 ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. M

    S15 costcos alburn Sydney

    Found youuuuuuuuuu
  5. meddler

    999 Automotive

    I know this is normally not done, but I wish to recommend a shop that I went to today. Tyler at 999 Automotive in Yagoona (In Sydney for non Aussies) is a great guy and really went out of his way to get me the parts that I needed. If anyone in Sydney is wanting to buy new parts for their S15 or...
  6. A

    WTB: S15 Rain/Weather door sheilds

    as the title states. Also if youd be willing to send to Sydney Australia. Thanks guys!
  7. S

    New bloke from Sydney

    Hey all, I'm Sam, a 24 year old electrician from Sydney. Owned my Jap spec 15 for almost 3 years now. Got it dead stock which is what I wanted. Pretty much gone from this: To this: Mods? Too many to list at the moment. I'd have to start another build thread probably, forgotten half...
  8. ryd11r

    Meet: Sydney meet October

    Think an S15oc Sydney meet is in order?
  9. B

    New owner from Sydney

    Hey, names Brendan I'm from Sydney around the Cronulla area and just bought my s15 yesterday. I've wanted one for a long timed but due to P plate licence restrictions wasn't able to drive one. Previously have been driving a Mitsubishi FTO which was a great car and taught me heaps about what...
  10. M

    HELLO ! S15 owner from SYDNEY

    gday guys, i accidentally stumbled upon this great forum of yours whilst google'ing some parts so here i am . names DAVE and i drive a 2000 model jap spec s15 and im from sydney. im on various forums too but since i on a s15 i guess i feel the love here =). ill post pics of my ride in the...
  11. S

    Open Event: Nissan s15 cruise, sydney (other cars welcome :)

    hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know, who live in sydney, and have a nice car, or a s15 of course, theres a cruise happening, on 14th august, meet up at liverpool krispy kreme, 8pm, from there, we will be cruising out, and about, details will be told at the cruise, look for a black'd...
  12. B

    Hey all..

    hey all.. im new in this forum my name is doddy from sydney currently i drive silvia varietta..
  13. meddler

    Meet: Team S15 - Sydney

    Welcome to the team S15 meets thread.
  14. D

    sydney aussie

    hey just listed and from south sydney new ride a s15 2001 spec r gt 63000km's
  15. Nicely

    One for the Sydney guys

    Looking into getting a bull bar sent back for the Surf (you can't buy them in the UK). Any recommended places on the north side of Sydney?
  16. C

    S15 spec R Female Owner from Sydney Australia

    :wave: Hello Every one, my name is Joy , from Sydney Australia... have had my S15 for 6 months now, loving it!!!SR20 is the best, i have had two Skylines before, so yeah! I m a Nissan girl...:nod: pics of my ex-skylines and my current baby S15:thumbs: That is it!! number plate Mis S15
  17. Nicely

    ** Sydney and Brisbane folk! **

    I'm over for Christmas with my folks in Brissy and New Year with friends in Sydney Any meets going on? :)
  18. C

    Hi All from Sydney, Australia

    Hi All, Thought i'd introduce myself. Live in Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia. Purchased my JDM Pewter S15 8 months ago. Only just got it back on the road after installing new headers, turbo and lines. Good to find this forum with all the S15 owers! Awesome! Here's my car when i first bought...
  19. S

    Contact List

    Sure you guys want to swap contacts like msn .. drop your contact down :D Name: S15R(James Bond) MSN: Stiv555(at) Location: Sydney
  20. Nicely

    One for the Sydney guys...

    Is this someone you know? :) Spotted this one in Waitara earlier this year...