1. B

    WTB: S15 Diff Wanted

    Looking for a Standard diff for my S15, I think my diff has been welded but can't be sure, is there a way of checking without taking the cover off ?, im assuming its welded as you get a slight scuffing from the rear tyres when moving slowly on lock. Please let me know if anyone has a std one...
  2. P

    Diff help!

    Hi guys, ive done a bit of searching but cant seem to get a good answer. I have a Spec s that now has DET... Now im pretty sure all Spec s came with an open diff. which when i jack the car up it acts like an open diff. But on the road it will easily hold a drift in 2nd gear making me think...
  3. JDM_virgin

    Auto electrician

    Basically my car has been in a garage for 6 weeks and now the garage are getting the hump the guy who is trying to fix it can't and that my car is taking up space so looks like I'm getting it back still broken! So this is a cry for help lol, if anyone is or knows someone who is a good sparky and...
  4. J


    Hello people am new to the s15 forum just wanting to get know people on here really. S15 is my dream car always has bin will be forever I do not have a s15 as can't afford insurance as 2014 I will have my s15 this year for sure everything will be affordable for me, so am on the look out for...

    Meet: All makes meet

    My mate runs this meet at his work in Leicester I'm judging best JDM I think ! Be cool to see some of you there , ill be taking my S15 an my mrs is taking her Evo. It's a cool chilled event
  6. V

    New German S15 Owner

    Hello, my name is Andreas and im living in Germany. :wave: I own a '99 S15 Spec S since january this year. It still needs alot of work to get its pride back it had back in the days since the previous owner wasnt really taking care of it. Hopefully i can fix her up again and enjoy this S15 a long...
  7. LuPix_S15

    FS: S15 OEM Rear Lights + OEM Suspension (Koni Shocks)

    Hola, Got a pair of OEM rear light units taken off my previous S15 due to then upgrade of Yashio Factory LED units etc. FULL WORKING ORDER - excellent condition except for a small crack on the O/S unit lens (orange part where indicator sits) where there is a very small hole all the...
  8. M

    FS: S15 genuine origin body kit - cheaps!

    kit is stamped "mould one" as in, its from the original mould for the kit. its seen some action and had some repairs, but is for all effects ready to be painted whichever colour you like. £430 !!! buyer collection preffered. I would be interested in taking a standard rear bumper in part...
  9. W

    Headlight Indicator Bulb

    Has anyone done this before?? I've done a search and not found anything about how to do this. Is there a how to guide :confused: It's impossible to get to the bulb from under the bonnet without taking all the arches off and taking the headlights off the car. Tried looking from underneath and...
  10. Curryzz

    FS: Drivers Side Wing in white £40.00

    Hey, I have a drivers side wing in pearl white, it is unmarked, need to shift it as its taking up room:( 40.00 plus postage or collect it Regards Paul
  11. T

    Somethings not right...

    Out driving thisafternoon, stretching the cars legs a little and all came to a very bitter end when i glanced down to my coolant temp and it was 130degrees....:( Stoppped the car as soon as i could and by this time white smoke was poring out the ass end of the car, cooland tank was full and...
  12. K

    Gearbox advice

    Just removed my engine and gearbox today and noticed that there is a little up and down play in the main shaft. The box was running fine before taking it off. Could someone tell me if it's knackered or not?
  13. slammedmind

    My accord :)

    Heres the car thats been taking up all my time and taking my attention away from my s15:o have it a few weeks now and its a nice daily....yes i know its a honda :wave:
  14. C

    Birmingham Half Marathon - Fund Raising

    Hello guys and girls, I'll be taking part in the Birmingham Half Marathon on 11th October this year, so If anyonnes feeling particually generious then please feel free to have a look at my online sponsorship page below :) I will be raising money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital as it is...
  15. LuPix_S15

    How much for an S15 OEM seat??

    I should be fitting the Bride Digo I ordered in about 2/3 weeks time :) Got a mate who really wants the OEM seat I'm taking out but I have absolutely no idea what to ask for it lol :wack: Anyone can help please?? Cheers :thumbs:
  16. Darren_S15

    Spitfire Ignition Packs

    Does anyone know where we can get Spitfire Ignition Packs from at the moment? I was going to get them from Nismods but their website is down at the moment and they are not taking orders yet. Cant seem to find them anywhere for the SR20DET. Thanks.
  17. subzero

    Japfest Ireland - few pcis i took .

    Japfest Ireland - few pics i took . had a great day myself, didnt have the s15 up with as i was taking the trueno to where it belongs, the track :) enjoy !!
  18. D

    Sandwich plate leak!

    Just noticed a small leak it seems to be coming from the oil pressure sender in the plate. I did use plummers tape so i dont know whats wrong and dont like the taughts off taking it apart again! anyone had this problem?
  19. subzero

    Open Event: S15oc at JAE ??

    will s15oc have a stand at JAE 08 ?? just wondering , im heading voer but not 100% which car im taking jsut yet, s15 / 84 trueno . will know closer to show.
  20. Nicely

    New S15OC Forum Rules

    A recent thread has prompted us to add some forum rules. Whilst not wanting to appear a dictatorship, we have to acknowledge that the time has come where we need to specify some boundaries as to what's acceptable and what's not. Please read the new rules here. I would like to make it clear...