1. Unberivable

    Fuel sender replacement (or fix) help

    Hi all, So my jdm spec r s15 has a fuel sender that's not working. It always sits at empty with the fuel light on even when full. I narrowed it down to the fuel sender by sticking a wire into the connection of the fuel sender (to the gauge) and the gauge went up. The problem however is getting...
  2. NICKO

    Fuel Lines

    Has anyone on here run new braided fuel lines? just got a few questions about it really :nod: 1. what do you use to secure the lines to the underside of the car? 2. what route do you take to the top of the tank? 3. what size lines? 4. what do you use to fix the braided lines to the tank cap...
  3. V

    WTB: Expansion tank

    Hi guys, Has anyone got an expansion tank kicking around? Mine is cracked and the car did a little wee the other day...
  4. C

    How many miles can you get for a full tank?

    As title, how many miles you guys get? I can get 236 miles for a full tank and took me 90 pounds for V power full tank? Is this normal compare to you guys? Mine only have intake, exhaust, intercooler and HKS SSQV.
  5. JDM_virgin

    Oil Catch Tank Drain Plug

    This weekend I am going to plumb in my oil catch tank however I want to make it open loop. Does anyone know if there is an oil return lug in the block or sump of the sr20's for the OCC to drain into and if so where is it located? I dont like the idea of running a closed loop setup as I dont...
  6. S

    WTB: windscreen washer jet pump

    im after the pump that attaches to the water tank. anybody got a spare??
  7. M

    Fuel tank filter?

    Hello all, I have had to drop my Subframe due to warn bushes.While dropping my subframe i found some rust and had to drop the fuel tank (rust was next to fuel pump lines) and while removing the fuel tank i had a bit of a problem with a little black box that was sitting on one of the lines...
  8. japgarage

    Time to eventually introduce myself and new project

    So here it is, I have bought a RB30 S15 which was owned by Evilchap. Have started a few mods to it since taking ownership like adjustable camber control arms, turbo timer, new oil catch tank and engine bay tidy up (more of which to follow). Currently considering making it a Stoker'd RB30. Here...
  9. CMR

    Fuel gauge / Sender issue

    Hi, I have a slight issue with my fuel gauge or sender, basically fill the car up and it registers full on the gauge no problem and will continue to register the right amount of fuel until just below the half way mark. As soon as the fuel level drops below half a tank, the gauge will drop...
  10. NICKO

    WTB: Wanted In Tank Fuel Pump Bracket S15

    Im after the in tank fuel pump bracket for my S15, need one asap to get my car back on the road, let me know guys cheers
  11. spoonman

    Oil Catch Can - Advise Please due to getting too much oil in the breathers

    After having a turbo back exhaust fitted my car now wants to boost to .9 Bar, bad i know on the factory ECU but i also noticed a hell of alot of oil on the hotside of the intercooler piping and the turbo is making the flutter noise on the higher boost releases, which i guess its not able to...
  12. DeanS15

    WTB: needed quite urgently - fuel tank lid/sender unit

    calling anyone breaking an s15, i need the white part that fits into the lid of the fuel tank as i managed to break off one of the fuel hose connections - its the part in the pic. :annoyed: thanks.
  13. sjt47y

    fuel pump + fuel collector tank

    hi Guys i have a question for the more experienced owners. I bought some 800cc topfeed injectors & rail and have installed the 2871r. I am trying to push 400+ bhp. in view of this, I was recommended to have a fuel collector tank. Its the one where u have commonly installed in the boot...
  14. rudd-o

    WTB: Need a Windshield washer tank mount

    I need the metalic Mount of the windshied washer tank.. Mine got cracked and i need to replace it ASAP... if anyone has one and wants to sell it pm me. **The broken mount was in the top of the tank ,not in the side.
  15. R

    Balls!! Bloody Japs!

    Just getting my S15 ready for its first MOT on Monday, all was going perfect. I tested the indicators, the hazards, headlights, sidelights etc etc then moved on to the wipers... all going well so far. Tried the washer jets... nothing... not even a buzz from the tank. Upon closer inspection it...
  16. TriniGT

    S15 Fuel Tank Wiring

    So in an effort to do a full S15 conversion I have got my hands on an S15 fuel tank. I got it with the float sensor unit in it but missing the fuel pump setup which I got off a spec S car. The problem I am having is that there are two connectors in the fuel tank, one is for the the underneath...
  17. B

    The max psi for a stock s15?

    Hi everybody, i just got a s15 last month and i got severao questions with my car 1. i run the dyno and it got 182HP atw at 0.6 boost, is it normal? 2. the modifacation my car got is big front mont, air intake and full exhaust system. the ecu hasn't been changed. so can anybody tell me the...
  18. B

    fuel consumption

    My freind has an s15 spec R and says that it does about 500+km on a tank of fuel. My 180sx type x on the other hand does only 300-350km on a tank. Even though they both have an SR20DET engine The s15 has a 65lt tank and the 180 has a 60lt tank so not much size difference but the s15 get alot...
  19. T

    Looking for the Part No. For the Fuel Tank Cover See Pic

    Looking for the part number for the part pictured, its the cover that goes onto the gas tank where you access the fuel pump assembly. Also can you tell me if any other nissan models use this same part.
  20. J

    oil catch tank help!!!!!

    i got a japspeed oil catch tank today and just wondering when i connect the pipe which goes from the rocker cover to the top of the tank should i tee it in to the one there already or block the one which is there already off which goes to my air filter????thanks