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    Black Friday at Torque GT

    The Torque GT Black Friday discounts are now live! We're doing brand discounts of up to 20% from favourites like Fujitsubo, Eibach, Tomei, HKS, Competition Clutch, Goodridge and Tein, as well as big reductions on stocked products. Shop Now
  2. J

    FS: S15/S14 Tein flex Z

    Selling my tein flex Z coilovers, they are for an S14, but had them on my S15 with no problems. They've been on my car for approximately 3000 miles so they're still pretty new. Comes with all the stickers, C spanners and manual. The only thing missing is one of the rubber adjuster caps...
  3. J

    FS: TEIN coilovers + brand new C spanners £300

    just removed these from my s15 (fit 14/14a aswell) and replaced with new HSD they are in perfectly useable condition no knocks bangs rattles or leaks just a little rough on the surface all the threads are still intact as pictured i beleive these are TEIN s tech with JIC adjusable top mounts...
  4. 5

    FS: BREAKING 450bhp S14.5 - Cusco, Blitz, Chargespeed, TEIN, UKDM

    all gone, please close :)
  5. Lanyard

    Rebuilding Tein Suspension - HELP needed

    As above I have a set of Tein StreetFlex coilovers that I want to get rebuilt to sell on as I'm now running DW CS2's. Does anyone know of a company in the UK that can supply all the parts or do the rework for me? Cheers guys:thumbs:
  6. 5

    FS: S14/S15 Tein Rear Strut Brace

  7. S

    FS: Clean Yellow S15 Spec-R

    ive been hot and cold about selling my s15 for the last week but I've settled on selling now. i don't drive it how its supposed to be driven 90% of the time so i just need something nice for a daily driver thats fun to drive (i'm not ready for a diesel family wagon yet though!). i know they get...
  8. Misiek_lbn

    FS: S15 Spec S, pearl white, GTR brakes, Tein

    As I am thinking a lot about move to Norway, I will need to sell S15 against my will and plans. About car: - Spec S 2001 - 153k kilometers on clock - Tein Super Street coilovers - r33 GTR Brembo brakes 324/300mm - front strut brace Tein - fibreglass bonnet - 18x9 Work CR KAI...
  9. Misiek_lbn

    Hello from Horsham, white s15 spec S

    Hi everybody, after having 2 s14a was time to buy something newer and there was no other option(except Evo 7 ...:D )as s15 :) Didn't want to buy spec R cause want to try tune diffenent engine than SR20 so just need to save bit money and swap sometning more interesting :cool: For now just...
  10. I

    Spring rate choice and Front / Rear distribution

    Hello, I'm looking for springs to fit the koni yellow I ordered. (Please no debate on this choice vs coilover, for this budget, I think it's the best solution) I want a setup for road driving, and particularly bumpy roads... And I wonder what to choose... Reading this topic, I think...
  11. E

    FS: Tein Type HR Coilovers with Top Mounts

    For sale I have a set of Tein type HR coilovers for the S14/S15 with the valuable adjustable top mounts for the front. They're 2nd hand but I've never used them myself. I bought them with the intention of fitting them but they need a bit of work and I lucked into some very cheap BC springs...
  12. A

    FS: Rear Adjustable Tein Coilovers for sale AUD$300 ONO

    Hello there I have the rear 2 Tein coilovers for Sale. These have come off the car as I had a seized front right coilover and decided it was best to replace them all with the same branded coilover. The coilover has height and dampening adjustments. In good condition, no leaks. Looking to sell...
  13. J

    Hey all!

    hello my name is joe i have just recently brought my self a nissan silvia s15 as intend to try some drifting in the future, hopefully just now trying to maybe make some friends and find out more about these cars and where to locate parts and find out if there are any local meets or events that i...
  14. L

    Tein Suspension for sale!!!

    Cougar Power Motorsports offers a low price for Skyline's R33 TEIN suspension. The two Sale Offers are : Tein Flex Kit - 820 pounds + delivery Tein Type SS-UK Damper Kit - 620 + delivery
  15. JaseYpk

    FAO Anyone about to purchase Tein parts

    Tein have recently ceased production on a lot of parts for the moment, and as a result UK stocks are emptying fast. Production will begin in august, and the normal process will return. How do i know this? There are NO Tein Superstreets for sale in the UK (new), and every dealer i've spoken to...
  16. D

    FS: R32 GTST Very good spec, looking for a S15!

    1993 R32 GTST Only 93,000Kms so not even 60,000 miles Engine: RB20DET (very fresh engine), Nistune ECU, MHG, GTR Fuel pump, FSE Pressure regulator, GTR injectors just cleaned and flow tested with brand new resistor pack wired in, Apexi induction, Z32 AFM, DW wasted spark kit, FMIC with brand...
  17. lvaleiron

    Nismo S-Tunes or Tein Super Street???

    Hi guys, Just as the title says, i'm trying to make my mind between these two suspension systems... The nismo s-tunes are the one that Toby is selling and there is another guy in Canada which is selling me the Tein SS. I currently have fitted Tein super drift as my intention at first was going...
  18. LuPix_S15

    FS: Tein Strut Brace - MINT!!

    Hi guys, Got a Tein strut brace for sale. Only bought a few months back from Driftworks. RRP £135. Mint condition!! Only asking for £100 (inc UK delivery) :thumbs: Don't miss out on this!! Cheers, James
  19. AllanOrr

    Driftworks Vs Tein Suspension

    Looking for some opinions guys on what set up is really worth the buck, persoanly have always seen Tein as one of the best suspension brands out there though after hearing some mixed views and very good things about the Driftworks kits that are for sale for roughly the exact same price now I am...
  20. S

    FS: S15 Parts - Brisbane

    This is a cross post from NS.com -> http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=461845 Starting with whats off the car. Firm on prices. Offers on multiple purchases. New: Nismo Gearbox Mount $130 New: ORC - 409DSB-02N5 Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET Silent & Noise Type Clutch (Flywheel...