1. billy_t15

    WTB: S15 front wings

    After some S15 Stock front wings! Colour doesnt matter, no rust tho!!
  2. L

    Anyone ever advanced timing on a type s

    Heard there is some good gains to be had any none done tho or got any advice
  3. fez06

    johns S15 spec R

    Thought it was about time i started to make a thread. bought from torque gt, brilliant guys, its a standard spec R full aero. got a few mods for it but not fitted any yet apart from front strut brace, not going to do anything crazy tho just subtle mods as i like these standard. heres a couple...
  4. vinnie

    new guy from the uk...

    hello everyone i have just imported an s15 spec s from japan. i will post some pics of her in due time.. just a quick question tho, its a 1999 model so do a need a SVA test? i know a still need a MOT test.. thanks in advance
  5. S

    Pic Request = Black S15 Aero Please

    Anyone got any pic as im trying too get one even tho its like trying too find rocking horse S**t lol Thanks
  6. mint

    Ebisu last month!!

    Awww yeah with the new addition of my CD i got a HEAP and i mean A HEEEEAP! of new pics from Ebisu circuit last month! Enjoi guys!! Got soooo many to look through tho!!! :thumbs:
  7. M

    MY NEW CAR!!! Its not a 200!!!

    Seeing as a few of you will see it at the weekend, I thought Id post a brief pic now :) Its very posh compared to what Ive been driving for the last 4 years :eek: Not driven it much tho. Bought it with a running issue which has...
  8. sushiming

    Road Tax

    just got my road tax and its so wierd mines cheaper than my dads dad just got a 06 corlloa 1.6 and his has worked out to be 205 for the 12 months and mine is only 180 mines listed as a PLG but dads is petrol car here is how they rate them now tho...very surprise tho...
  9. G

    Opinions Please!

    Hey Lads, sold my mx5 at last woohoo let the games begin! ive 2 s15s in mind at the moment, one stock pearl 2001 model en route from japan at the moment but i came across this one aswell what do ye make of it? id be a bit...
  10. S

    FS: blacktop sr20det GOOD CONDITION

    hey guys i got ablacktop sr20det for sale, came out of a earlier model 180sx with ruffly 90kms and was pulled out running, i brought it from a guy in sa and was goin to be put in a ute tho im outa cash and dont have my ute anymore so its up for sale.. its been out of a car for about 3 weeks...
  11. E

    Newbie from GB , Hi !!

    Just introducing myself , a wannabee for an S15 !! Have a Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR atm , don't intend to sell it tho !! But have got the bug for an S15 as an additional toy !! How good r these things then ?