1. P

    Which Decat

    Which Decat is best for my S15? Ive done a search but most of the threads are from a while ago and I just want to make sure I order the right one. Cheers
  2. Saxon

    Correct Oil Filter

    Hi all, I know there are a few threads about this already but I just wanted to clarify: from what I understand from searching and reading through the existing threads, the correct oil filter for the S15 is part number 15208-9F60A? Just wanted to check as I just went to the local Nissan dealer...
  3. P

    Hello :)

    Hi guys just bought a spec s :D Have a 350z at the moment so going to slowly convert it to det :nod: All these s15 build threads make me want to get it done as soon as possible. hello to everyone :)
  4. JDM_virgin

    DC2 Recaros in an S15

    Despite still not having the car back on the road, i keep trolling the net and finding new things (and usually expensive things) and ideas to do to the Silvia, my next plan is to maybe put some DC2 Recaros in, Ive done some reading on here and SXOC and it seems that the best setup is buying...
  5. A

    Redline lightweight shockproof 75W90 in my gearbox?

    After reading a load of gearbox threads...I fancy using Redline lightweight shockproof 75W90 for my gearbox, its been recommended here & in the "useful threads" section but also some have said its a GL5 oil & it will eat the various brass parts of the gearbox internals, is this true? What oil is...
  6. Silverstreak

    Silverstreak is back!

    Hi guys! I've been away for a while but I'm back and the car has been through a massive project which is due to be finished by the end of the month! I will post pictures and updates about what has been done when I get her back from Horsham Developments soon! As I have been off for so long...
  7. usafdarkhorse

    Noise upon first clutch release

    Hey S15OC I've mulled through a few threads on this issue, namely these: and I'm not entirely sure of what's going on because the...
  8. Fruitbooter

    I've found the best lip for an S15

    The guy used to have a thread on here but he's no longer an active user. After lots of searching on the net, there are a few threads about this lip but nobody knows what it is! Could well be a custom job... Either looks absolutely brilliant! :D
  9. K

    cam choices

    whats the crack guys, what are you all using, what powers are you getting...... im looking for upto 400bhp was going to go for hks 264 but after reading a few threads on here 256 maybe plenty?
  10. M

    RB26dett into s15

    Hi All, I would like to put a rb26dett into my s15! I would like to use this thread for everyone has done this or would like to do! What are the must important things to take care with? what does fit and what doesnt! Meybe you guys have some information threads? First question, does a...
  11. Topper

    Part number request

    Guys, hoping one of you can assist. Need the part number of the the sub-headbolt located inside the head, but ahead of the timing chain (front edge). There are two bolts, presume they are the same, with a large collar from the head to the threads. Cheers :thumbs:
  12. mint

    WTB: Single Rays Wheel nut

    In blue if possible.. short lug one, closed. One of mine sheered the threads.. gutted!
  13. W

    RLTC Installation

    Hi guys just wondered if the procedure was exactly the same as fitting the RLTC to an S14a? My version is the one with the digi adjuster with built in launch control if that helps. Searched through the threads on this forum but no luck so thought I'd post up.
  14. Yakozan

    Wheel weights databas.

    Found a webiste with a large database regarding wheelwheights which I think can be very useful. edit: added to useful threads.
  15. A

    S15oc Sticker merchandise

    Guys, love the sight and want to advertise it on my S15. Im wondering if there are any stickers available similar to the ones ive seen on some of the cars in other threads. If so how do i go about buying them?
  16. P

    VVT Rattle - The Movie

    Courtesy of, unsure if it has been posted before, please delete if it has. Useful for all those "What is this rattle????" threads. VVT/VCT Rattle worse case scenario: Notice how when reved how the rattle goes away. Tractor or...
  17. K

    usefull threads not working

    like the tittle siad the link dont work :D :thumbs:
  18. Nicely

    Future Forum Changes