1. Jaydej

    1/4 mile times and power

    Hey all just thought we can put together a thread with what times our cars can run on the strip. I think this would be helpful for anyone wanting abit more information on performance on S15 if you do post please list: time power tyres size and make and any other information you feel you need to...
  2. N

    Santa Pod 1/4 mile times

    Went to Japshow at Santa Pod on sunday and took the car up the strip The car is currently boosting to 0.7bar, has a cone filter and a 3" catback. Apart from that it's stock as far as im aware. My best run was a 14.7 @97mph, which to me sounds pretty slow as i got a 14.6 in my astra turbo which...

    Anyone know the guy in Gloucester

    With the white S15 Think his names James, seen him around a couple of times but im always in the Evo not the S15
  4. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    why my car only backfires at certain times?

    Just wondering why my car backfires at different times let's say one day it will backfire and spit flames every gear change well only when im on max boost for a few seconds then change gear bang. Then some other days it just doesn't do it at all? is it the weather, is it the heat of my engine?
  5. S

    Car jolting like kangaroo

    so i replaced my centre peice muffler as it was cracked and crokey and sounded like ****. after replacement everything sounds great until you push the pedal lil more then 10% it starts bouncing back and forward like its struggling my tuner has been a **** around. before muffler apparently my...
  6. S

    fuel related...

    silly question perhaps, but what fuel do 15's run on....petrol obv before someone states the obvious :ghey: but do they prefer 95 or do they have to be run on high octane? only asking as my evo v was an import and it was recommended it was run on 99 at all times unless it couldn't be...
  7. A

    Hello all :)

    Hi everyone names Andy and loving the website ;) Looking to buy a new car and seriously considering buying a s15. Can i get some good points and bad points if any in the cars. general maintenance ect service times also cheers guys.
  8. C


    Hi all, Just thought I'd introduce myself as I'd like to get to know a few of you a little better! My names Dan (friends call me Cad) and I've just become the new owner of James Lu's S15. You may have seen a thread in the electrical section, cars at the auto-electrics shop now and James was...
  9. I

    S15 brembo problem

    Iv just fitted a set of R34 GTR brembos front and rear with R34 BMC on my S15 iv blead all 4 calipers 3 times and theres no air but my brake pedal is allmost hitting the floor and i have to pump the pedal a few times to get any presure i got no idear whats wrong ? theres no leaks or anything...
  10. Fruitbooter

    Silvia had its first tantrum today...

    Okay went for a drive to Ironbridge today which is a good 20 miles from me but it played up a few times on the way.. Firstly when i got into the car in the mornin i diss-armed it fine got in..turned ignition on then turned key to start and it went dead...tried turning key back and starting...
  11. C

    RWYB 1/4 mile times

    Has anyone on here taken their cars to a RWYB day? If so what times did you get?? I went to Shakespeare County Raceway for a bit of fun today and posted a standing 1/4 time of 13.1 with a terminal speed of 110mph. Was a bit disappointed as I wanted to get into the 12's really but the grip off...
  12. A

    Battery / Electrical issues

    Hi All, Can anyone give me any advice about how to check if my battery is knackered?? Basically have found since having my car that if it is left for 2 weeks say whilst i am on holiday that I come back and the battery was flat.. In late 2008 i therefore swapped out my battery for one of these...
  13. naha_music

    bad/rough idle after installing cams

    i recently finished installing a set of bc 264 cams and now having some idle issues. it sits around 850rpms at idle, but the motor seems to vibrate very bad and the boost vaccum seems to fluctuate sporadically between 6-7.5, which it didn't do prior to installing the cams. at times, it also...
  14. B

    Any gym junkies on here?

    So do any of you guys hit the gym on a regular basis? Been going to the gym for about 5 years now, I currently go about 5 times a week.
  15. W

    S15 NSM, was it you?

    Hi, Seen in Stony Stratford recently, a few times. White despoilered S15.
  16. Roots82


    Hey all, Recently got my car back from the body shop :D I noticed my car boosts at 0.6 bar under hard acceleration, but as the rev's climb so does the boost.. it gets up to 0.8, some times a little over before gear change then back to 0.6 again. Would this be an actuator problem? Or a leak...
  17. 2

    Spec S 0-60 times

    Hi Guys, has any body got the 0-60 times on a standard 2001 spec S silvia sr20de. as i can not find any figures anywhere!! would it be as fast off the line as a t-sport celica vvtli 190bhp, ie. 7secs 0-60. i know that its about 160bhp but i cant find any times for 0-60...
  18. W

    boost gauge?

    yo, there seems to be something wrong wif my boost gauge on my 1999 silvia s15(jdm)"factory boost gauge"... sometimes it will not work and sometimes it will.. when i'm driving the gauge will work but then a few minutes later the needle will go all the way up to 1bar then back to -7 then the...
  19. C

    Hi there from Adelaide AUS!

    Hi everyone just thought i'd introduce myself - im an avid s15 fan and long time lurker here and in other silvia forums. I currently drive a nissan pulsar (its gotta be a nissan!) and im saving hard so i can import a near stock black jdm s15. Im 19yrs old and work as a property manager - and im...
  20. Nicely

    Holiday booked

    Hooray! Got a small holiday booked for the beginning of October :D First break in 18 months. Just five days on the non-Chav side of Mallorca, but looking forward to it. Its a bugger when you don't get paid holidays and losing a week's work costs three times as much as a week's actual holiday :(...