1. A

    FS: Tomei coil pack cover

    £80 Tomei engineering metal & vented coil pack cover.
  2. R

    Where have all the plug covers gone?

    Iv noticed most sr20 engines have no sparkplug cover installed.. I assume it's to do with heat around the coilpacks ? and would a tomei plug cover be a good thing to buy? :juggle: i really dislike the look of the engine without a plug cover, it looks a bit cheap and untidy.:ohwell:
  3. S

    FS: Pearl White 2000 Silvia Spec R Aero

    Pearl White 2001 Silvia Spec R Aero 2001 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R in Pearl White. A genuine Spec R Aero model with factory HID headlights, imported in 2012 by Tegiwa Imports and I'm the 2nd UK owner. I have known this car since being imported as the previous owner is a friend. Comes with huge...
  4. S

    Grip Build Spec R S15 White

    Hi guys, After years of wanting a s15 I finally got one. Its rather hard get one in my country as the prices are sky high. I bought mine for around 10,000 quids which is considered cheap here. well anyways, here is the car's specs when i got it. ENGINE: Garrett GT2871r 52trim .64(aka...
  5. D

    WTB: Tomei Rocker Stoppers?

    Has anyone got any Tomei Rocker Stoppers?
  6. D

    Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys?

    Hi guys, Question on these pesky pulleys, I didn't really do my research and flew in straight away and purchased two cam pulleys not pausing to think about VVT? So If I am to fit both I loose my VVT! So just wanted some opinions, maybe what you guys have done? Really need to put up a build...
  7. I

    Tomei solid lifter : still noisy ?

    Hi, I installed some tomei solid lifters on my SR20, which has tomei procams 260° The rockers have been machined as required I check valve tolerances, made a reshim, and the head is still noisy I use 300V, 15W50, when the oil is cold, the engine is somehow quiet, but after the oil has...
  8. L

    Part stores in japan

    Hi guys, I'm going to the Japanese f1 next month so I've got a bit of a shopping list of parts to get whilst I'm there. Everything I want is on RHD japan but they don't ship locally [emoji17] I'm after: Nismo engine/gearbox mounts Nismo radiator/oil filler cap Tomei spark plug cover Anyone...
  9. Nissan_S15

    Cant believe this. Tomei Titatnium Exhaust has cracked again :(

    So decided to take the S15 out for a spin today as it had been sat for 10 days. Everything was fine driving down a long straight on the A329, until I got home. The exhaust started making a weird muffled sound similar to last time. Checked underneath and low an d behold a large crack on one of...
  10. Nissan_S15

    My S15 Spec S up for sale soon. What do you rekon she is worth?

    Hey guys, As you may all be aware, I have recently purchased a Toyota Supra MK4 1994 2jz as a new project. So with a sad heart this means I will shortly have to sell my current Nissan Silvia S15 Spec S. I would love to keep both if I could afford it, but with the price of parts and fuel etc...
  11. J

    FS: TOMEI Reytec ECU

    TOMEI Reytec ECU + Cables + Mapping Software Hi, I recently converted back to stock ECU my S15 and I am putting my TOMEI Reytec ECU for sale. This ECU converts a MAF into a MAP in a blink of an eye. The kit includes: ECU MAP sensor Air Intake Temperature sensor Cable to connect computer to...
  12. Nissan_S15

    Help and advise needed by you guys!!!

    Hey guys, As some of you may be aware, a while back I purchased a Tomei expreme ti exhaust system for my Spec S, I purchased the S14 version for the extra length and spent around £1000 on it. Now 5 months later the exhaust developed a crack in the centre pipe at the muffler end. I firstly...
  13. pegliobaglio

    FS: Z32 maf and tomei pig tail

    I have for sale a z32 maf with a brand new tomei pig tail. Bought this of james15 for mine but am going map sensor now. He bought this new from garage d and only used it for 3 months before changing his set up so is in very good condition Looking to get back what I paid for it £120 delivered in uk
  14. S

    FS: Tomei PonCams 256deg, 11.5mm lift almost new !

    having a change of plans so putting my almost new Tomei Poncams up for sale from my SR20DET, they are: 256 Deg 11.5mm lift they were fitted to the engine and have only done idle work, they have done no miles at all ! after £250 posted wont be back with the car until the 24th and will...
  15. Nissan_S15

    Anyone know if this Tomei Expreme Ti Catback exhaust will fit a S15 Spec-S Non Turbo?

    Hey guys, Looking to purchase a new Catback exhaust system for my S15 Spec S, but just wanted to know whether anyone knew whether or not the particular exhaust im looking at would fit? Its a Tomei Expreme Ti Catback and its says its suitable for S13's, S14's and S15's. Im assuming the S15...
  16. S

    FS: Tomei expreme manifold and elbow

    Forsale tomei manifold, brand new in box, comes with all studs, heat wrap and ties and gasket £550 delivered Tomei elbow, brand new in box, comes with studs and gaskets. £150 delivered quality is excellent as you would expect
  17. K

    FS: Tomei ECU for stange 1 mods

    I have a Tomei ECU for s15s. This is for cars with fuel pump, intercooler, exhaust, induction kit and boost controller. This is good for around 1.1 bar. Worked a treat on my s15. I did have it up for a lot more, but now I'd just like £90 posted. Pics:
  18. K

    FS: Rebuilt engine from race s15

    I bought this engine a little while ago with a view to putting it in my s15. Since I have no S-body any more, this really needs to go. I travelled down to bristol and met Alex at GT-Garage (top bloke) and he open it up and I could see that it was completely clean inside and very well put...
  19. S

    Opinions on turbos

    Since my turbo is crapping itself, I'll be needing to get a new one soon. I'm not sure when I'll be making my purchase. Of course the longer I wait, the more I'll be able to spend. I was thinking about just rebuilding mine, but since I don't know what brand of turbo it is, I may be spending more...
  20. S

    TPS + Plug and Loom

    Since my turbo is crapping itself, I'll be needing to get a new one soon. I'm not sure when I'll be making my purchase. Of course the longer I wait, the more I'll be able to spend. I was thinking about just rebuilding mine, but since I don't know what brand of turbo it is, I may be spending more...