1. Joeh

    New Integrated Homepage

    New Homepage Trial! Just an early introduction to our potentially new integrated homepage, it's still in testing mode and a lot to be changed and tested but please give us your feedback! The link to the homepage is in the top left hand corner of the screen, or it can be seen by visiting S15...
  2. Moriquendi

    Top mounts/Adjustable camber plates

    I am looking for some adjustable camber plates up front for my S15 and the only ones i have found so far are these from tein: and the optional uniball top mounts for the KW Clubsport kit. Since i have KW variant 3 atm i was wondering if anyone has...
  3. NICKO

    Fuel Lines

    Has anyone on here run new braided fuel lines? just got a few questions about it really :nod: 1. what do you use to secure the lines to the underside of the car? 2. what route do you take to the top of the tank? 3. what size lines? 4. what do you use to fix the braided lines to the tank cap...
  4. S15_SAM

    FS: S15 Parts forsale, Injectors 480cc, Inlet gaskets, turbo gasket

    Having a small clear out Forsale S15 turbo 480cc injectors cleaned and flow tested and never used since.(Bought as spares) New top and bottom Orings, in great condition. With pintles all good! £125 posted Genuine Nissan gaskets both top and bottom inlet manifold gaskets, iacv gasket...
  5. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top feed fuel rail, Tomei ras

    Hi guys I am now going 22vet with my build so I won't be able to use these parts . All parts are brand new Mazworx top feed fuel rail, comes with injector dynamics id850's and all associated hardware to fit this with the oem inlet. Ie fuel rail, o rings, pigtails, adaptors etc I paid over £600...
  6. L

    Quick Question regarding top mount setups and engine torque dampers

    Hi all, Anyone know if you can run a engine torque damper with a top mount setup? Thanks Liam
  7. N80Jamie

    Ohlins Coilovers

    Recently took the car for its MOT resulting in a failure due to movement in the nearside suspension strut. Removed this to find a pretty bodged top mount and bearing. When the car was first imported it failed an MOT due to the top mount bearing on the nearside being knackered; this was resolved...
  8. pegliobaglio

    FS: Mazworx top mount mani and downpipe

    Hi guys i have a brand new mazworx top mount mani with tial v band flanges and also their 3" downpipe kit with v band flanges that I am considering selling. the kit is brand new and mint condition .( will include tial v band clamps) when I bought this it cost me around £1250 with shipping and...
  9. Jaydej

    Top mount help

    Hey all I'm ordering my coilovers this week KW v3 and I've been told I need oem top mount, can anyone help me to where I can get these or know of a alternative? Cheers
  10. T

    Anybody have a clue what these are?!?!

    Bought my JDM S15 from Japan and still haven't seen it yet. I just noticed something in the photos that I didn't notice before. Does anybody know what the two things mounted at the top of the rear window are?? I don't think I've seen anything like them here in Canada before. Any info would...
  11. J

    What should I be looking out for?

    Well I'm looking for a nice Spec R and was just wondering what I need to be looking out when I go and view any. Things like service intervals, what needs to be/has been done at what service and all that, known faults. I know most people will keep their S15 in tip top condition but just in case...
  12. NICKO

    WTB: S15 Rad Rubbers

    Im in need of 2x rad rubbers that go inside the top rad mounts if anyone has any? cheers :thumbs:
  13. A

    Got my top mounts fitted & alignment sorted out. Before & after measurements :S

    Got my top mounts fitted & alignment sorted out. Before & after measurements :S Got the Cusco top mounts replaced on the fronts & then got the geometry & alignment sorted, I didn't think it handled badly before but it drives really well now, looking forward to some dry weather. (the rear camber...
  14. meddler

    Rules Reminder

    All, Just a reminder to make yourself aware of the rules, especially the for sale rules and the rules highlighting the use of text speak. If you are unsure what I am talking about there are links at the top of the forum page or in my signature. meddler p.s. Yes, the text speak nazi is back!
  15. A

    Brake fluid top up?

    I read that you can use DOT4 - DOT5.1 brake fluid on the useful threads..I have no idea what brake fluid is in the car, can I just get any DOT4/5.1 fluid & top it up or would I really need to drain it out & put fresh in?
  16. A

    RH FR strut clunking.

    Anyone give me an idea of what is up with it, sounds like the spring is rotating with the steering. It got an advisory on the MOT for the left absorber, while it was jacked up & i was watching up top, when he put a...
  17. Aurora61

    Loose coilover upper mount?

    I have a set of d-max super street coilovers, and the upper mount for the front drivers side seems excessively loose. When I removed the coilover assembly from the car, i noticed that i can pivot the top mount with barely no resistance, while the passenger side required a bit of force. When i...
  18. S

    WTB: SR20DET Top Mount Manifold

    Looking for an SR20DET top mount manifold for a T3 turbo. Not looking to spend a lot. Just need something to put in for the time being. Prefer cast iron, but if you have a stainless, I may still be interested. No cracks or damage please.
  19. Mike

    FS: 2010/11 Lib Tech Skate Banana 152

    As per title, bought a c2-btx board so this needs a new home. Good condition, blue and green top. Used for 4 weeks on snow, base has few marks and some p-tex but perfectly usable. Few small marks on top but nothing major. Grab a bargain and a snowboarding legend! £199ono I'm on mobile and...
  20. S15_SAM

    Replaced my clutch tonight! What a bastard that gearbox is!!!

    Just want to moan about how **** a job it is to do the clutch on a 6 speed! I stayed late after work, on my own, to replace my original unit with a ACT heavy duty organic clutch. There is just no room at the top when the box is loose I was huffing and puffing for ages and getting so...