1. T

    Black Friday at Torque GT

    The Torque GT Black Friday discounts are now live! We're doing brand discounts of up to 20% from favourites like Fujitsubo, Eibach, Tomei, HKS, Competition Clutch, Goodridge and Tein, as well as big reductions on stocked products. Shop Now
  2. Rémi

    Rémi's French S15 Spec R

    Welcome to the French corner of the S15 Owners Club. Please take a seat, grab a glass wine, and enjoy the stay. *** My relationship with this magnificent automobile started almost four years ago. I learnt to drive behind the wheel of two Honda Civic, and always had a soft spot for the Silvia...
  3. L

    Diff seal

    Has anyone replaced the seal behind the flange where the prop bolts to? Got a torque setting for the nut? does it set up black lash
  4. lewis


    Hi everyone, Unfortunately I am not an s15 owner yet, however I have the guys over at torque gt doing their best to find me a minter. I have missed out on a couple of good ones so far, (budget couldn't stretch that far) but I'm hopeful and the guys at torque have been amazing so far, really...
  5. Surfing Boris

    Rocker Cover Torque Settings

    Hi guys, I am having my rocker cover dipped and I have ordered new rubber gaskets and some flange sealant ready to put it all back together but does someone know what torque setting the torque wrench should be? I have read some advice that you should just use a normal socket set and go finger...
  6. Lil SpecR

    How to choose an importer?

    OK so being in the Midlands I'm not exactly near any docks so I'm not biased on where the importers are, but I've been following OPJP and Torque GT on Facebook for quite a while and so now I'm actively looking I've emailed both of these to get the low down on costs for improving an S15. There...
  7. L

    Quick Question regarding top mount setups and engine torque dampers

    Hi all, Anyone know if you can run a engine torque damper with a top mount setup? Thanks Liam
  8. K

    My New Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R is Awesome :) - UK Oxfordshire

    Hi all, after a few years ago owning a pewter s15 spec S purchased via Torque GT and being so impressed with it bar the speed I ordered a Spec R in may again using the amazing service of Torque GT and I picked it up last weekend. After a week of owning it I absolutely love it and have drove it...
  9. W

    2 way Nismo GT Pro LSD. Need help!

    Hey fellas! How's it going? New guy around here Okay so I bought myself a 2 way Nismo LSD quite a while ago(months). The kind that has selective torque lockup and all that jazz. It got here and things were looking good. Until we tried to change the torque setting on it. The instructions were...
  10. Parky

    HKB bosses, anyone used one?

    I just picked up an HKB boss, has anyone ever had any problems or heard of any issues with them strength wise? Just been having a good look at it and the metal looks a bit thin in what I'd consider to be important places. I know there isn't a lot of torque put through them but I just want to...
  11. N

    Import issues

    My s15 was imported using torque gt and they have been great. However i seem to be having issues with customs. The car arrived in the country on 4th april and i still havent received any paperwork so torque gt can register it. Now i was meant to have the car well before japfest so im getting...
  12. L

    Torque damper issue - problem after installing

    Hi guys, I installed torque damper (from ebay) on my S15 yesterday. after installation i detected that, engine idle work is not stable anymore, rpm roles between 600-1100. Is this a problem? cars works perfectly
  13. katten6

    9,5 " on s15 need pics !

    Heeey! someone who has pictures of 9.5 on a s15 with et 30? the ones I want to buy is: Rota Torque 18x9,5" ET30 and want to see how it will look like.
  14. M

    HPI Engine Torque Damper for S14

    Hi everyone, :wave: Due to a cancellation of an order, we have an HPI engine torque damper available. It is for the S14/S15. There is a photo up on our Facebook page at the moment. I can deliver next day in the UK for £155. EU wide I can deliver on a courier road service for £170...
  15. ichigo-300

    Oil Pump cover torque settings?

    I've bought a new Timing Chain Cover/Oil Pump assembly as part of a new engine build i'm doing and I want to remove the oil pump gears to have a metal treatment done (WPC) I'd like to know if anyone knows what torque the bolts should be tightened to and if the pump cover needs a gasket or...
  16. sjt47y

    torque & wastegate

    Hello! Like to ask what kind of torque figures u guys have. Asking this becasue I understand from my tuner that he usually tunes for more torque than hp. Tbh, i am alittle disappointed by my hp despite the work put in. these are my figures: 395hp at 7000rpm torque 466nm at 5100rpm...
  17. K

    WTB: torque engine damper

    looking for one shipped to perth australia 6210
  18. P

    S15 Engine torque damper £40 Delivered

    ENGINE TORQUE DAMPER FOR NISSAN 240SX S14 & S15 95-UP *** ONLY WORKS WITH SR20DET MOTORS - Just the thing to keep your engine stable. Looks good as well !! £60 delivered to UK addresses. Delivery 7/10 days
  19. NICKO

    Six speed box, is it really that weak?

    Was just wondering who is running a gt2871/ Hks GTRS turbo with the S15 gearbox? Is the extra torque from these bigger turbo's really that bad for these gearboxes? I want to upgrade to this turbo but just a bit worried the extra torque is going to kill the box, and I know that the Nismo...
  20. T

    WTB: Std Exhaust - Cat Back

    Required for IVA testing. I had one somewhere but it seems to have gone walkabout! Let me know what you have and I can arrange payment/collection. Cheers, Mike @ Torque GT