1. C

    WTB: Wanted: S15 (must be in good condition!)

    Hey guys I'm after an S15. I've got a respectable budget and don't mind paying for the right motor. I'v seen a few already and really disappointed with the condition of them so far. The car will be used as a daily / occasional track toy so spec isn't too important but condition is! No...
  2. datman55

    Track Car Build in Perth, Australia

    Hi guys, Just picked up an S15 about 3 weeks ago. I have been wanting to build an S15 race car since selling my last race car 6 years ago (SR20DET powered Datsun Sunny). This one is a 2001 Spec R, owned by the one guy for the last 14 years. It was in very good condition for a car it's age and...
  3. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Castle Combe track day March 2016

    Hi guys, a few people on the sxoc are organising a track day at castle Combe for March (iirc). Seems like great value to me so worth a look if you fancy trying Combe without the crowds of japfest etc :)
  4. A

    Leaky oil cooler?

    It looks like I have a leak, is it from the hose or the radiator do you think? Im running less than 300bhp & don't track it do I really need it, could it be easily removed or will I need OEM hoses & stuff? Thanks.
  5. Chriscooke

    Open Event: Sxoc weekender invite for s15oc

    Hey guys, thought I'd post this here to see if there was any interest.. Even if you don't fancy going on track this should be a good weekend and an ideal opportunity for you to not only show off your s15's but to have a weekend with likeminded car people :thumbs: sxoc thread...
  6. M

    Hi From NZ

    Hey guys, own a 2001 Nissan 200SX in yellow for the past 2 years now Putting up a build thread to track it and get more active and into the online community to get advice and help on my build Cheers
  7. NICKO

    where to buy track rod ends and which ones?

    Im on the hunt for some track rod ends for my S15 and was wondering what people buy to replace the Originals? Ive contacted camskill and they have none in stock or any due to come in. Are the S14 ends the same as the S15? also what manufacturers would you recommend? Ive recently bought moog...
  8. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Ferrari Track day Castle Combe Thursday 30th October.

    Hey guys. Next week my work is hosting a Ferrari track day at castle combe, be a good day watching the best cars ever made going round combe. Francesco Bali (head of Ferrari north Europe) will be there along with 3 Ferrari factory drivers who will be driving our demo 458 Speciale, California...
  9. Jaydej

    Track day insurance?

    Hey guys does anyone use track day insurance? Isit worth it? What company's and how much on average?
  10. S15AK

    SXOC - Setertten Weekender

    SXOC - Snetterton Weekender Anyone else on here going to Snetterton this weekend with the SXOC lot? I'm going and will be on track :)
  11. Jaydej

    Tow hooks where???

    Hello people I got my first track day coming up and I realised I can't see any two hooks or eyes anybody know if there is any and where they are?
  12. T

    New to the Forum, Hello!

    Hi everyone, brand new to the forum and figured my first step would be to say hi! I'm from Canada and I just bought a JDM S15 Spec R, which I haven't even seen yet. Definitely not new to Nissan's, I have also owned an R33 GTST and a 370Z track, as well as helped build and race an S13 SR20 swap...
  13. T

    track rod ends

    Hello , I was looking for some advice my car needs new track rod ends again , I only replaced them last year . I drive my car most days what would you guys recommend that i buy .
  14. R

    New Spec R owner

    Hi there! Brand new Spec-R owner here, just popping in to say hi. Picked up the car on the 21st (January) from Wales, drove it all the way back to Scotland and am now a total fanboy and over the moon with the purchase. Picked up a fresh import pretty much stock from down in Swansea, Blue with...
  15. Damos15

    Slider from Down Under

    Hi All, Well i stumbled upon your site through google, and wanted to join as I too have an S15. Well it doesnt look like one at the moment, but it will be back together soon. And before you jump to conclusions, no it was not in an accident. I just decided 2 years ago, to take it off the road...

    Open Event: Forge - action day @ castle Combe

    Is the club thinking of going? You get lots of track time at this event . It's a good day out too.
  17. dave_t

    Nurburgring Trip 2013 - Videos

    Well after months of Prep work, the S15 was finally ready for the Ring trip, and what an experience it was! 5 days of car heaven. Along with a K20 EG Civic, 3 20v Turbo VW's, a Mk1 Golf, a Mk2 Golf and a Mk2 Scirocco, A Pulsar GTI-R, 106 GTI, 106 GTI TURBO (unbelievably fast), E46 M3, and 4...
  18. fez06

    which oil should i use

    I know its been asked hundreds of times but wanted to know what to use in my case. My cars under 300bhp and probly won't get any track use should I use 5w30 5w40 or 10w40 and will millers be ok? Any help will be brilliant Cheers
  19. Auss15

    Highlands Park MotorSport track New Zealand

    This looks like a really good race track they have built in Cromwell in the South Island of NZ. Hope some of our Kiwi brothers can give us a track report if they get a chance to drive it, Id love to give it a go...
  20. Nissan_S15

    Open Event: Japshow 2013 - Santa Pod Race Track - Sunday 30th June

    Hey everyone, After sundays disappointing showstand at the fast show, due to terrible weather. I thought it might be time to try and redeem our stand this June at the Japshow. Hopefully with fantastic weather to follow & no mud:( As usual, tarmac is available at this point in time, but again...