1. M

    WTB: s15 adjustable suspension arms

    im looking for a set of adjustable suspension arms for my car i need front tension arms rear camber, toe, and traction arms, let me know what you got, cheers matty
  2. J

    Japspeed Nissan S15 Rear Upper Traction Rods *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hi Guys we have just go back into stock our very popular rear upper traction rods to fit the S15 model. These heavy duty traction rods for the rear suspension on the 200SX can be adjusted and set to eliminate bump steer and alter the rear suspension traction settings by holding the rear hubs...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Subframe arms

    In the process of taking everything off and just before I bag up the bolts and separate the arms can someone just tell me what each one is. 1. Lower arms? 2. Toe? 3. Camber arms? 4. Traction? Please correct accordingly :D
  4. koullis

    rear traction problem

    Hi guys. I have a problem with my Silvia. Car is around 400bhp. I am experiencing rear traction problems. When i am off boost at around 3000rpm and go full throttle and the car starts raising boost at 4000rpm where i am full boost 1.5bar the car looses rear tyre grip. I have a Tein Flex...
  5. L

    Racelogic Traction Control

    Are any of you guys using Racelogic traction control on your cars? I am currently using it on my Supra as it's not fond of the wet, and was wondering if this would be a worth while mod on an S15. Lee.
  6. mint

    Traction Control then!?..

    y0. Did a wee search didnt pop up with anything. But yeh, does the S15 have Traction Control? My mate has a Charged Lexus, and without TC it would be a dam handful to say the least, so with 250horses out the back wheels its got me a tad worried lol. Cheers Folks -Mint :smitten:^^
  7. R

    LSD Question

    Im a bit of a tard when it comes to the technical aspects of my 200, which I might add doesnt change how much I love it :D so I thought I would ask for your opinion. When I loose traction the car shutters \ jumps and it seems like only one wheel is spinning (obviously I cant really tell being...