1. meddler

    New engine anyone?

    check this out: I am thinking my 6 speed may have trouble with this and maybe the bank manager too.
  2. T

    Trouble selecting 5th gear at high revs

    Anyone had this problem before?
  3. DeanS15

    recaro tailored subframes - driver and passenger

    hi all, im looking at investing in some recaro speeds at some point, only trouble is im struggling to find the tailored subframes for them anywhere - cobra and corbeau do kits for the s14, which i know will fit the floorpan, but the trouble is im not sure if they will take the recaro seat...
  4. JonoS15

    WTB: S15 Steering Boss

    Does anybody know where i can get hold of a steering boss for my S15? I know the steering wheel i want but i'm having trouble finding a boss for the S15 they all seem to be for the S13/14 Cheers Jono
  5. slammedmind


    Off to london this weekend for ufc in the o2 arena. Now my question is where is good to party in london? Im there with a few mates for friday and saturday so anyone that wants to get into trouble let me know :D
  6. T

    diagnostic port

    Hi can anyone please tell me where the diagnostic port is on an s15,im having a bit of trouble at the min and need to get it checked out thanks.
  7. C

    Blitz Nur spec catback

    Hi fellow drifters, Wonderin if anyone can help me with a lil prob. Been havin a bit of trouble locating a catback system for my 99 Spec S. Will a SR20DET system fit my SR20DE? Thanks, Ciaran.
  8. P

    Turbo trouble..

    Hi, Just bought my first s15 there about month ago and there seems to be trouble already! When i give it full throttle and keep full throttle up through revs i start getting a rattly noise around 5-6k revs. This doesnt happen in low revs or in high revs(on low throttle) only on full...
  9. S

    Starting car problem

    Tonight, suddenly my car refused to start up after sitting only 1hour. The weather condition was light rain which might have/have not done something. I gave a good jump start and ran for about good half an hour but didn't start again. It makes multiple clicking noise when I tried to start so I...
  10. P

    S15 Optional Parts

    Has anyone tried their local nissan dealer to see if any of these parts are available? Part numbers are there aswell so it wouldn't be much trouble for them to find either. Or and here's a link to a currency converter...