1. s15Irl

    New users???

    Whats with all the new users?? I just click on a few new looking names in the online bit below and most of them are advertising pharmacy drugs and stuff?? Whats the dealio?
  2. V

    ORC clutch thickness ?

    Dear all , Would like to know what's the lifespan of the Ogura twin plate clutches? I still have 4.5mm on the disk and have been told that there is plenty of life left . Can i know from any users here until what threshold that it needs to be replaced? Thanks a lot and can the same theory...
  3. meddler

    Forum Rules

    This is a reminder for all users to occasionally read the forum rules and check if there are changes. They do change on occasion and ignorance is not an excuse. Normally if there is a change, users will be notified by an announcment. Remember the rules are a condition of use of this forum. If...
  4. eiden88

    nissan silvia club italy

    italian silvia club foreign section at the top of forum index page forum in italian language but all users are able to speak english EDIT: users are kind of able to speak english :D :D :D
  5. K

    Blitz intercooler

    guys, I'm looking forward to buying a Blitz LM intercooler kit. Any comments from blitz fmic users ? Please do share it with me. thanks.. :)