1. B

    WTB: Vertex Lang Front Bumper (Or Full Kit)

    Desperately hunting these down, please let me know what you've got! :)
  2. B

    WTB: Vertex Front Bumper/Full Kit

    Let me know what you've got! :)
  3. dave_t

    FS: Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE

    Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE Item: Vertex Monochrome Shift Knob - Custom M12X1.25 S15, R34 & Toyota Fitment -RARE/UNIQUE Wanted one of these for my S15 for ages but as Vertex only do them with x3 different fitment inserts, of M8X1.25...
  4. dave_t

    FS: Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel & Vertex Shift Knob (M12X1.25 S15 / R34 fitment)

    Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel & Vertex Shift Knob (M12X1.25 S15 / R34 fitment) Item for sale: Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel & Vertex Shift Knob (S15 / R34 fitment) - Vertex 10 Star 330mm Steering Wheel - 90 MM Deep Dished Steering Wheel - Black Leather with Red Stitching -...
  5. Badger0068

    WTB: On the hunt for an S15 Vertex kit!

    Looking for a Vertex kit for my s15, same as the one in the photo, preferably in pearl white (long shot I know [emoji23]). I have stock front bumper (with rhino lip), aero skirts and stock rear bumper with aero spats (un-fitted reps), on the off chance that anyone fancied a PX.
  6. J

    FS: Vertex boot spoiler - be different from all the dmax's

    Rare Vertex boot spoiler in good used condition, will need painting and does have minor marks £150 collected from Slough or can arrange postage
  7. S

    FS: Brand new S15 origin front and rear bumpers.

    S15 front and rear Origin bumpers for sale. I bought these a month ago after giving up hope of getting my hands on a genuine vertex front bumper; typically a vertex bumper has turned up so these are for sale. The rear bumper is brand new and never fitted on a car. I will get a picture tonight...
  8. S

    WTB: s15 vertex front bumper.

    As above, I need a vertex front bumper for an s15. Happy to travel to pick it up. Nothing damaged or previously repaired.
  9. mattyjp

    FS: Red S15 Spec R for sale in Somerset

    sold After avoiding putting this up for quite a while its time to sell as i don't have time for it anymore due to becoming a dad, car will be at japfest on the s15oc stand for anyone that wants to see. £10995 ono general: 2001 s15 spec R 78000 miles this will increase im the first private...
  10. D

    FS: Vertex Edge Widebody kit

    Regarding the fact i can buy an import Spec-S with a full Vertex Edge kit this will be the moment i can sell my own one up for sale. Price is: £2145 pounds or €3000. It's the ful widebodykit incl: - Vertex Edge Front bar - Vertex Edge Front fenders - Vertex Edge side skirts - Vertex Edge Rear...
  11. S

    FS: Bumper swap?

    Hi guy's, I've got full oem spec r bumpers at the moment, all in very good condition. Anyone fancy a swap? Vertex, uras etc...
  12. Jay-pan

    FS: Vertex kit swap with aero bumper?

  13. M

    WTB: Looking for some parts

    Just a few parts I'm after 50mm Rear d-max over fenders 7 point bolt in cage, dash or throw dash Vertex lang front bumper, a copy or a real one not fused
  14. D

    Sonny's upcoming project 2

    Sonny's upcoming T&E Vertex Edge project 2 So first let me start saying, i haven't got a S15 for about 2 years now. Reason of this is that me misses got pregnant and all my savings we're put in my Silvia, which i needed for the upcoming baby. And believe me, when you are expecting a todler...
  15. Lanyard

    My Daily Beater - Slammed and Wide

    More updates! 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec-R GT Exterior: Pewter Grey Metallic Vertex Ridge: Front bumper with Canards (Removable) 25mm Wide Front Wings (Single Vent) Side skirts Rear bumper Boot spoiler Roof spoiler DMAX Tail lights OEM - HID headlamps in silver (Rare optional extra) WEDS...
  16. Tom VWJ

    Thoughts on this kit please

    It’s expensive, and exclusive, and I really like the idea of it. But I want you guys (best S15 critics) opinions of the look of the Uras type GT kit (excl the rear bumper). A few people, car and non-car mates have all expressed either an ‘utter hatred’ or ‘mild disliking’ of it, which has...
  17. M

    What bumper is this?

    Friend has this lying around from car imported few years back just wondering any idea what make it is as iv never seen anything like it? It's like a aero vertex and r33 bumper all in one? As I said I haven't a clue?
  18. R

    advise on website / Rear bumper.

    Been searching for a rear bumper for the 15 and came across two sites. and 2 different bumpers. Just wondering if anyone knows if their decent and worth using or too stay from them. Also any other suggestions are great. also looking for rear lights and z32 brake + Hub Site one: Vivid Racing...
  19. M

    FS: S15 random parts

    Rear spats fibreglass copy good fit and good quality baught from japan 100 euro Copy cooling panel off here just painted pink 100 euro vertex copy skirts think there vertex came on car from japan 100 euro origin streamline rear bumper perfect condition 100 euro
  20. dudley97

    WTB: Wanted vertex Lang front bumper

    Has anyone got a vertex Lang front bumper for sale?