1. sniffy

    Replacement Vin plate

    Hi, Has anyone ever got a repalcement vin plate that goes on the firewall up by the brake booster ? Mine was removed for an engine respray and got lost by the painter.
  2. N

    S15 VIN question

    I've just used this site to decode the VIN on my car. Thankfully everything matches up nicely (looks like mine is an early car as well, around Feb '99). The only part that's confusing me is at the end of the VIN (after the xxxxxxxUD4E part that denotes JDM turbo)...
  3. N

    S15 vin number is it stamped anywhere other than the chassis plate?

    My 15 is having work done and my mate is looking at buying a 15 tonight but he said he can only find a chassis plate with the vin on no number stamp in the chassis itself is this correct?? I cant remember :annoyed: my 14a has one and the plate!!
  4. Y

    WTB: Wanted: S15 firewall or whole damaged shell

    Searching for Silvia S15 firewall where is VIN number or whole damaged shell with documents. I'm making big drift project Silvia Spec R S15 with 2JZGTE pushed back, and shell donor which I bought have VIN number damaged, so can't register it here and can't get sport passport means can't...
  5. seilow


    hiii everybody i search the VIN number but i dont know where is it so if someone know that tell me that pleasee thankss
  6. M

    FAST Parts Database turbo query

    A FAST parts query for you all. I picked up my KS14 yesterday and was interested to check what tubby I had fitted. So I typed in the vin number into FAST and then did a description search for turbocharger. The part it came up with was 14411. I then did the same thing with my S15 vin number and...