1. C

    Japfest 2016

    whos going? Anyone been before? Any good? Do i need to book somewhere to have my car near the show or what? I don't understand these things :wack:
  2. Parky

    High hopes...

    ...or simply wishful thinking / delusion. £4,500 buy it now. :wack: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181415834930
  3. N

    Rubber Bonnet Stops

    I'm looking to get some new bonnet stops for my 15 as the existing ones are becoming really brittle and I don't want to damage the bonnet without them. Does anyone know anywhere that sells them (or if they're shared with any other Nissan?). I couldn't see them on places like RHDJapan when I had...
  4. Parky

    Headlight cap seal / o-rings

    My headlights have been letting water / condensation in so I've taken the caps off to get a hair dryer in there and think I found the source of the problem, the large seals are pretty much perished and need replacing, and one of the tabs is missing off a cap so will need a pair of those too...
  5. P

    Just popping in :)

    Thought id say hi as just popping in from SXOC as im on the hunt for a pair of S15 seats for my Onevia :) I THINK im after Spec R ones but unsure - basically the black cloth ones :wack:
  6. Dan H

    New wheels on!

    I've changed my wheels on the 15, but I'm a bit concerned the might rub :wack:
  7. LuPix_S15

    LuVidz Presents *Japfest 2012* Video

    Hi folks, Just finished editing and putting together my Japfest 2012 video :) Hope you enjoy it and sorry Mike, I don't seem to have kept that clip of you reversing (or trying to lol) :wack: Cheers! James http://vimeo.com/42305593 ...
  8. S15_SAM

    Japfest 2012 photos

    Thought I'd post up my pics! Only took a few as wasnt great for it, but if anyone's got some then wack them on here!
  9. S

    coilover question

    It appears that on the way back from japfest on of my coilovers decided to blow a seal covering the underneith of my car in oil. The original plan was to just stick some new ones on but after a bit of searching it appears i have GP sports G master pros which are £1500 new :wack: so im think it...
  10. N

    Welding stock LSD?

    Has anyone had their stock LSD welded up and gone drifting? I've been advised theres a chance of it breaking due to not having much cog surface to weld to, is it possible to open up to get more weld in there? I need to get this sorted ASAP as the diff is out and i'm going to Santa Pod on...
  11. ali619

    Aero bumper

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know about the aero bumpers you get for S15, are they really that hard to get second hand? As I've searched the forum and many members say just buy them brand new as they do not come up for sale but is that true? Reason why I ask is that this is the bumper that I'd...
  12. H

    Hello from London - Honda owner converted by RWD!

    Hi all, Been a huge Honda nut for the past few years, but after going out in a few drift cars I've caught the RWD bug! :wack: Here's my current Integra Type R, hopefully I will have a Silvia soon!
  13. J0R04N

    WTB: S15 Boot without spoiler holes

    After the above, want to try the ducktail spoiler but want to keep my aero one just in case I don't Like it :wack:
  14. J0R04N

    FS: Standard plastic sump tray cover

    Got this sump tray lying around. I managed to get another one from garage d. Been stitched back together. Nothing wrong with it, as strong as it would have been before it had a knock :wack: be perfect for a drift car. Price: FREE collection prefered.
  15. AllanOrr

    S14 Daily Drift....Why!

    Well here is the Spec List so far on my S14 that I will be having as a daily soon: Spec List: HKS Hi Power (Silancer Removed) Japspeed Decat Japspeed Twin Down Pipe Japspeed Turbo Elbow H-Dev Mani Japspeed Light Weight Pulleys Exedy Stage 1 Organic Clutch Apex Type 2 FMIC 440 CC Injectors NGK -...
  16. S

    WTB: straight s15 rear subframe

    at a reasonable price please :wack: closest to the south of the uk as possiable
  17. AllanOrr

    WTB: Spec S A-piller Trim

    Hey guys looking for a Spec S A-Piller trim for the drivers side (the one without a boost gauge) :) PM Me if any of you are selling one, Not looking for swaps for my Spec R one though so dont hit me with that question :wack: Cheers
  18. K

    A new addition to our car family

    Looks like I will also be insured to drive my boyfriend's new daily...beats a van...but if i have to borrow it on a school day I will prob struggle to get it over the speed bumps...and I am not allowed to drive it in the rain because I will die apparently! (It rains 90% of the time in England)...
  19. R

    Balls!! Bloody Japs!

    Just getting my S15 ready for its first MOT on Monday, all was going perfect. I tested the indicators, the hazards, headlights, sidelights etc etc then moved on to the wipers... all going well so far. Tried the washer jets... nothing... not even a buzz from the tank. Upon closer inspection it...
  20. LuPix_S15

    ** latest fav pics of your own s15 **

    Hey guys :wave: Can't remember if anyone has started a thread like this on this forum but it kinda saves newbies from having to search long and hard to see pics of everyone's rides and also keeps us regulars updated on what all of us owners' cars are looking like these days lol :) Please...