1. H

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    just a general Q really why is the above in place?
  2. Lucy_Stlthy

    Hi from Beds

    Hey all, Just had my S15 delivered this week, its a import from Japan, MOT this saturday, can't wait to get driving her!!!
  3. L

    New owner of a spec r s15, west midlands area.

    Hello everybody, Ive had my s15 since April and bought it off a lad who is also a member on here, Havnt drove it much, (spent way more time detailing it than driving it) Fell in love with the car and cant wait to make it my own by upgrading a few things here and there, I hope this is the place...
  4. jason'S15

    S15 on its way from japan!

    Hello! My name is Jason and I'm 21, currently waiting on a white S15 spec r from japan being imported through Torque GT can't wait! :D Comes with: - Volks TE37 bronze alloys - HKS Induction kit - Coilovers and camber adjustable top mounts (not sure what brand yet) - Exhaust, again not sure but...
  5. S

    Newbie from Southampton

    Hi all, Currently own a '99 spec Toyota Starlet Glanza V. Looking for an S15, probably a Spec S as I don't want to sell the Glanza and can't really afford a Spec R without selling it. Insurance is also a factor haha. Although might wait a few months and save up a little more, we shall see...
  6. M

    Will have one soon!

    I'm Matt, always wanted a 15 for years and have finally stuck a deposit on one. Needs some work to get right as has a little damage but can't wait to crack on. Always had 200's, got a few other toys aswel including Will need a few bits so thought I'd say hello
  7. S15_SAM

    I'm GOING TO JAPAN!!!! 2014 baby!

    Myself and my GF have just booked tickets to Japan for our honeymoon!! May 27th next year I'll be in Japan!! I CANNOT ****ING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but I had to share it!
  8. D


    Hi every one! My Names Dan and im from Dorset. I'm looking at getting an S15 Spec R to replace my RX8 Track car I've always been a fan of the S15 i still cant get over how sexy they look. I'm Waiting for my RX8 to sell so i can get one which will been soon hopefully! Can't wait :) Cheers, Dan.
  9. A

    Waiting to find an unmolested S15

    Hi, Im currently a Toyota Altezza RS200 owner hoping to be an S15 owner when the right one comes up, preferably one without the major engine mods, so I think im in for a wait lol. Id consider importing but the dealers charge silly money. Some nice cars on this site!
  10. R

    DMAX Rear light condensation

    One of my lights is condensation only in the indicator housing. Having a slight obsession with having everything working, this niggle is killing me. Anyone know how to solve this permanently? I don't want to go drilling it or opening it up if possible. Can I just wait for it to dry out and...
  11. vinnie

    Need for speed shift 2 pre order GAME download

    Hey guess what, If you pre order shift 2 you get a S15 Spec R as a download. It's all oem which is cool. Can't wait to get it now lol. Just check the pics out from the link. http://www.game.co.uk/Games/PC-Games-and-Downloads/Racing-Car/Shift-II-Unleashed-Limited-Edition/~r353832/
  12. S15_SAM

    Soon to be my new car!!! S15 yellow!

    So I've recently sold my supra! And and S15 has been my dream for years so I've put a deposit down on this beauty! So I go to pick her up soon, and I can't wait! Been reading about g-box failures alot lately so just brickin it about that, but we will have to wait and see! :)
  13. vinnie

    Happy Diwali To Everyone

    Hey everyone It's Diwali today (and Guy Fawkes ) So it's the festival of light. Everyone has to light some fireworks! I can't wait to light the night sky as clear as day. Hope everyone has crazy night today.
  14. S

    Hello! New from the states!!!!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from Chicago IL. Just wanted to come and say "HI" and whatnot I have a 99 spec s (thats going to be swapped very soon) I love it! This is what it looked like when I first picked it up This is what it looks like now. I have a lot of plans for the car and I cant...
  15. A

    hello all!

    hello, im andy and i have just bought a s15 from torque gt, i get it in 1 week saturday and cant wait, i have a few ideas for the car but will have to wait till i payed off the finance, so thats my introduction lol, bit lame really but cant wait to attend club meets as i really enjoy the social...
  16. J

    JAPSPEED D2 Big Brake Conversion Kits

    These are the latest line in D2 Brake Kits offering 330mm or 356mm Front disc conversion kits with 8 Pot Calipers for the fronts. These have been designed purely around those needing the very best and who want to stand out, easy installation bolt on kit with minimal tools needed, a must...
  17. $

    hello fellow s15 lovers!

    Just bought a S15 spec-S from Torque GT (who are top class!) Totally standard apart from the rear lexus style lights and some LED sidelights... Can't wait to start modifying it! Pics:
  18. JaseYpk

    *cries* my s15 smiles no more *cries*

    pretty self explanatory i guess.. needs new bumper, bonnet, left light unit, radiator & fan, and the main bar going across the front end is bent. so my baby is gonna be off the road for quite some time! just gotta wait for insurance company to arrive and pay out! at least the new bumper wont...
  19. S15Cro

    Not just yet

    I recently joined S15oc in hope of becoming an S15 owner myself but heres the deal, im 18 with a full licence for 6 months now and me and my brother planned on importing an S15 jointly (hes 20). Everthing seemed fine but, because of our age and lack of expirience the insurance companies were'nt...
  20. 3

    hey whats up, new guy from usa

    hi, my name is Matthew Maddalo and i am from Philadelphia, in about a week ill have my 2000 Nissan Silvia spec r. i cant wait :D here are pic of my s15 in japan, ill post new ones when i get it