1. gaz15

    Walbro 341 vs 342

    I ordered a walbro GSS 341 and received a GSS 342. I emailed them and he said there is no difference between the two, has anyone fitted a 342 on a s15 will there be any fitment issues ?
  2. JDM_virgin

    Walbro fuel pump question

    Just a quick question, does the walbro 255 fuel pump come with a new sender unit or do you need to use the oem one. One of the many electrical niggles I have is my fuel gauge is sitting rock bottom in the red and the light is on but the tank is brimmed. I think when I had a few jack plugs...
  3. JaseYpk

    FS: OEM Fuel Pump (full working order)

    Heres my fuel pump that I pulled off to put the walbro on. It works fine, nothing wrong with it, and comes with a few of the accessory bits that i didnt use on the walbro including a brand new filter. :) £15 + postage, or if that seems too high, make me an offer! I'll be putting this on ebay...
  4. B

    Couple Questions on Fuel pump upgrade....

    Happy New year everyone!! Just ordered a Walbro 255 Fuel pump. Now i've read that this will provide a good amount of fuel at higher revs, specially if running higher boost. BUT, Wouldn't the fuel injectors need upgrading at this point too? if not, why? Also, with the Walbro 255 installed...
  5. S

    Boost spike

    Before installing front mount it would max out .8 now with it goes to about 1 bar? Is this Normal? other mods added is walbro fuel pump and new colder spark plugs but I doubt that make diff
  6. JaseYpk

    Walbro Whine?

    Howdy. I've had my walbro fitted about a year now, and i know you can hear it start up when you turn the ignition on, but when the engine is on, the sound is drowned out.. However, I noticed the other day that you could hear a whine from outside the car when it was parked up (engine on). My...
  7. dave_t

    Best Uprated Fuel Pump?

    I am in the process of trying to eliminate possible causes for my loss of power & also will be wanting to up the boost, so an uprated fuel pump is next on my shopping list, possibly killing two birds with one stone i had a walbro 255lph on my S14, is this what i need? can anyone link me to one...
  8. L

    Walbro 341 Noisy

    Heya, My walbro has started making a really annoying buzzing sound, which is apparently normal for a 'walbro'. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the sound? Anyone tried sound deadening to block the sound from the cabin?
  9. andeep

    Walbro won't fit

    I've put my Walbro into the cradle, but the ports don't line up. I've put the original rubber holder at the top in correctly, as the Walbro one is too big: But the ports don't line up: What am I doing wrong? The Walbro is the correct one and is meant to be a direct fit.
  10. lvaleiron

    Walbro installation kit

    Guys, i've been trying to search for this but no luck... what installation kit you use with the walbro??? so far there are 2 kits that people in other forums have recommend me, one is 400-766 and the other is 400-865 :confused:, can you guys shed me some light here??? :annoyed:
  11. crazymat666

    FS: Walbro 255 fuel pump for sale

    as the title says i have a walbro fuel pump for sale as i purchased it and didnt realise i already had one fitted:annoyed: ha. if your interested private mail me or reply its new and i want £75 they are 100ish from a company so save yourself a few quid :)
  12. Curryzz

    WTB: Walbro

    After a walbro fuel pump:)
  13. D

    FS: Walbro fuel pump & "pigeon mod"

    S15 is gone so as the title says I have a Sytec Walbro 255 lph fuel pump & a "pigeon mod" kit from Apex Performance (bungs, silicon hose & jubilees) both items are brand new, never fitted & still in packaging. Looking for: Walbro 255: €100 Pigeon mod: €30
  14. Roots82

    Walbro Fuel Pumps...

    Hey, Just a question to the guys that have these fitted..... How noisy are they haha.. i went in a s14 earlier which was said to have a walbro and the wine outside the car was pretty loud and very noticeable... You could hear it on idle in the car also?? is this just they way they are? i was...
  15. P

    Walbro fuel pump - where best to buy?

    I'm after a Walbro 255 lph fuel pump for the silvia. Has anyone heard of www.walbropumps.co.uk ??? They seem a bit dojy to be that cheap. If anyone could recomend a place which sells genuine Walbro's for a fair price that would be great. I see driftworks do them, but they dont even say if...
  16. N

    WTB: 200sx S15 fuel pump (Standard or Walbro)

    Hello fellow Nissan owners :thumbs:, hope you can help me out.. I'm looking for a standard Nissan S15 fuel pump for my turbocharged Nissan Almera (N15). A walbro item would be a bonus. New or used, Cash waiting guys, let me know what you've got! Relpy here or drop me a PM. Thankyou...
  17. 1


    Have been seraching for a Walbro GS-341 fuel pump and unfortunately not been successful, only GS-342 is available. The look identical but the position of the socket bracket and the output pipe is directly opposite of the GS-341. This GS-341 GS-342 see the different in position between the...