1. C

    WTB: S15 Cat back exhaust

    I'm looking to buy a cat back exhaust for my S15. I caught mine on a speedbump a couple of weeks back and pulled the back box almost completely off. I've got a temporary one in place at the moment but it doesn't look great and so I'm looking to get something a bit better to go on permenatly...
  2. B

    WTB: S15 spec r

    S15 spec r or s Looking for a spec r or s in white or pewter going to import one in the next couple of weeks just though I'd check if there's anything already here for sale first. cheers
  3. jake

    WTB: nissan s15 engine needed

    hi my name is jake I'm looking for an engine for my s15 (sr20 det) I have a gear box and a turbo just need an engine, oil pump and water pump just wondering if any one can help me iv been looking for weeks and keep coming up with dead ends or people asking stupid prices if any one can...
  4. K

    Find used bodyparts in Europe

    Hi, I have a question to somebody that maybe could help me a little bit. I have unfortunately got hit by a Toyota Supra in the front and I need parts ASAP and here in Sweden its impossible to find any used parts. Is there any chance to find something out in Europe? I want it to go as quickly as...
  5. Benne

    Windscreen and rear window mouldings available in the UK?

    I´m looking for the part no. 72752-85F00 and 79752-85F00. Is there maybe a specialized Nissan Dealer or some tuningshop which offers those window mouldings in the UK. FR Sport would need 6-8 weeks :( Will ask RHD Japan today, too. thanks! Benne
  6. L

    Just bought a S15, few questions

    Hi all, Just bought an S15 from Torque GT 02 Black Spec R Aero in FS section. (pick it up in a couple of weeks). :p What servicing parts should i use? Oil, Oil Filter, Plugs ect what would you recommend? Thanks Liam
  7. B

    Dmax boot spoiler owners! Bit of help needed.

    Ok story is I got a Dmax boot spoiler from Japan a few weeks ago. I checked the fitment before I sent it for paint and it seemed pretty good. So I sent it off for paint and I was waiting 4 weeks for it because he was very busy. I got it back yesterday and went about checking fitment again and...
  8. R

    new from dublin

    hi lads, I joined up a few weeks ago but hav'nt posted yet! my name is rory, from Dublin. ive had my s15 about 2 1/2 years now. dosent get used much but I couldn't see myself getting rid of it! anyway heres the car [/URL][URL=http://s964.photobucket.com/user/roryodonnell/media/11.jpg.html]
  9. C

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hello all bought my first s15 spec r a few weeks back il have pictures in the next day or two
  10. Krish


    Slowly starting to change things on the s15! Before After More stuff to be done over the coming weeks.
  11. Alex De Large

    WTB: Lambda Sensor

    Anyone have one for sale or know where I can pick one up? They are on back order with Nissan and Horsham aren't gonna have them in for two weeks. Car failed MOT on emissions so looking to pick one up asap. :|
  12. G

    my s15

    got this about a year ago found it parkd in a field in the west of ireland. when i first got it then i got the rear ready for some 18x10.5j +24 meisters with 50mm arches tryed my 18x9j +30 on one side and a 20mm spacer inside shot got some 50/50 lights . at this stage it was a...
  13. Max

    WTB: S-tunes Nismo

    Hi, looking for some good condition S-tunes to swap in when I get my bushes done next month. Just to save me having to get them from Nengun really. Let me know what you have, plus if you need any energy suspension bushes in the next few weeks from the states let me know as i'll have a hefty...
  14. N

    Newbie From Zambia

    Hey guys and girls... Thought i would say hi to all and introduce myself to you all. My name is Nathan, i live in Lusaka, Zambia... been a jap car fanatic for many years now. Im a bit of a car whore, if i see it and i like it, i must own it unless i really cant afford it. Last car was an Auto...
  15. dave_t

    FS: BNIB - S15 D-MAX LED Rear Lights + S15 NISMO S-Tune Crystal Side Winker/Marker Set

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item for sale: S15 D-MAX LED Rear Lights Description: I 'prematurely' ordered these from RHDJAPAN.COM, for an S15 that i had arranged to buy...
  16. D

    Hi Everybody

    Just thought I'd put a post in here to say hello :wave: Some people might recognise me from SXOC and maybe bigpower.co.uk I've recently picked up an S15 Spec R which I will be stripping down and swapping my S14a parts over. No doubt I'll be asking a few questions over the next few weeks :D
  17. natune

    Natune's car

    hey everyone, havnt really posted much in a while, but seeing as i got some new bits, and a new camera.. i thought id put some new pics up from the weekend after a nice clean. hope you like, latest addition was the k sport brakes that have been on there...
  18. M

    Newbie from Ireland

    Hi all,was looking for info on the s15 and came across the site. Hopefully going to buy an s15 na in the next few weeks so obviously need to get some backround on the car itself. Look forward to posting on the site Mark :D
  19. G

    Newbie from Syd Australia

    Gday peeps. Just dropping in and saying hi, proud to say im a s15 owner, finally picked up my jdm s15 a few weeks ago. Very happy decision and cant seem to stop driving, ive done 5000kms in a span ofr 3 weeks or so, loving it very much! also always good to see fellow s15 carsaround. I ride...
  20. Benne

    Benne's S15

    In July I crashed my white S15 on the Nuerburgring. First accident there after 9 years of racing. But... Insurance company paid for it. :D I searched for another S15 some weeks and found a very special car. Only a few bucks more compaired to most stock Silvias but with a very nice spec list...