1. S

    identifying parts

    Hi all, my lovely new S15 is on its way over from Japan currently so am planning my first mods while i wait. wondered if anyone could help me identify the rear lights and body kit? i like the kit but thinking of swapping the lights back to OEM or DMax units so wondered if those in the photo...
  2. O

    s15 in Stevenage area?

    The missus rekons she saw one the other night in stevenage town? Ive never seen one round here so just wondered.
  3. M

    Spec r auto

    Have Nissan made a spec r auto? Doing an auto conversion for a customer and firstly need a couple of parts but also wondered as I haven't seen one if they made a spec r auto??
  4. Mezza

    Rear Disks

    Out of interest are S14 rear disks the same as S15? I'd imagine not but wondered just incase! Thanks :D
  5. Sims77

    S15 Specialists Stoke

    Hi guys I can't seem to find any garages that deal with S15's in Stoke or the surrounding areas. Can any one point me in the right direction? I don't mind travelling a bit as the mrs takes the Evo to Derby. Just wondered if there was anyone near by that knows there way around the cars. Cheers
  6. Tommy Kaira

    Spoiler ID...help needed please

    So...after getting rear-ended 3 hours after getting my car back and on the road I've started rebuilding it. But I've decided I'm over the BGW and fancy something different. I found this pic and wondered if anyone could ID the spoiler? Or, feel free to recommend something else!
  7. John-

    WTB: S15 Spec R

    Looking for a low mileage spec R, I have browsed the for sale section and have unfortunately been beaten to a couple that I was considering. Just wondered if anyone else was thinking about selling? Ideally I'm looking for a white one! Many thanks, John
  8. S

    Anyone replaced their window screen through their insurance

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had done this through their insurance? I'm insured for it but will have to pay my excess of course I just wondered if I was gonna be charged extra due to it not being a bit of a rare car? Cheers Ollie
  9. S

    window relay and fuses

    Any idea as to which ones they are? took my door cards off and have no power to either motor, checked all the fuses that are fitted and there ok, just wondered if anyone had a diagram of what does what etc? cheers
  10. B

    Anyone on here own a blue silvia S15 JTX

    There was a blue S15 parked on westbridge gym car park in stone at 11.15 am today, wondered if it was anyone's on here??
  11. W

    Newb with trader question

    Hi All, New member checking in. Basically I have just set up my own business which deals in carbon fibre parts for all makes of car so wondered how I would become a trader on here to offer you guys the products I sell? I am also an authorised Seibon dealer:wave:
  12. crazymat666

    what speed is a S15 actually capable of?

    just abit of curiousity on what top speed our s15s are capable of as my mates s14 done 160 easily enough and i mean standard one or one running a bar of boost?just always wondered as dont like the idea of giving it that much grief to find out.
  13. DeanS15

    power steering pressure sensor required

    i have a part number for this but nissan want 70 pounds for it. its a tiny part so rather than pay up i wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to where to try first. the part number is 49761V5400. any help appreciated :thumbs:
  14. pegliobaglio

    o2 sensor

    hey guys just wondering if anyone knows if its the "fat " type o2 sensor we need for our cars? pretty sure it is just wondered if anyone could confirm before i buy thanks
  15. pegliobaglio

    WTB: defi link control unit 2

    Hi guys anyone know of the best place to buy one of these units,a lot of places seem to have stopped seeling em now just wondered if anyone had one they don't want or know of somewhere I could get one for a good price,cheers!
  16. pegliobaglio

    skyline diff

    Just wondered if anyone had heard of people doing a conversion using a skyline diff? I went to get my 2 way taken out today and have a helical built in as it was doing my head in ,it turns out I had a nismo 2 way from a skyline in it? Thought this was a bit strange just wondered if anyone had...
  17. $

    WTB: alloys wanted

    hi guys, my s15 is still riding on stock rims, i wondered if anyone here has any? (preferably 18") thanks.
  18. T

    Has anyone been to see this car?

    http://pistonheads.co.uk/sales/1621322.htm Been for sale for a while as far as I belive... I'm after a few cars to look at this weekend so wondered if anyone has any remarks on it?
  19. pegliobaglio

    Battery issues

    Been having problems with my car's battery,mainly because i was not driving the car very much over the winter period,it seemed to be loosing it's charge after 3-4 days of not being driven ,but now it does not have enough cold crank power to start her up. I am looking into gettin a fmic in the...
  20. C

    Removing sideskirts..

    Hi everyone, Has anyone ever took the OEM sideskirts off?! I need to get the end peices off that attach to the front wings, but wondered if there were any hints or tips before I begin..? Cheers :)