1. M

    New S15 Spec S Owner Big plans!

    Hey everyone. I just recently got my hands on my "unrealistic" dream car that I have wanted since i was young. The reason it was "unrealistic" is because im in the USA. I have owned many S13s and S14s, most of which i swapped redtops and blacktops into. I also have a thousand WHP evo 8 that...
  2. JaseYpk

    I want a Varietta :(

    So, hello guys, I've come out of hiding (been working in a different part of the world with limited internet for the best part of 7 months. The Volvo S40 D5 is doing me proud, but god it's a boring drive compared to my S15 and BMWs i've had prior. So, instead of buying another S15 as i've had...
  3. A

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Navigation Dash

    Does anyone have a mint condition Navigation dash for sale? I am located in Los Angeles, California. I'm interested in hearing from anyone around the world that might have one for sale! Please PM me if you've got one. Thank you! Richard
  4. N

    S15 SAMCO silicone FULL complete water hose set and valve cover hose set

    S15 SAMCO silicone FULL complete water hose set and valve cover hose Totally are 10 pieces - (1) 7 pieces are water hose including radiator (2) 3 pieces are valve cover set. SamcoSport has been the world leader in Performance Silicone hose for over 10 years, supplying Formula One, NASCAR...
  5. S

    hello from US

    i have been a members of this site for about a weeks now ? and i haven post much because i kinda hesitate to post because is all s15 ...and i got a s14.5 yea ...:( kinda sad that seen all of you guys are lucky to own one of the world kinda car...i wish i can have here is my...
  6. Suspect

    The luckiest man in the world reporting in!

    As the title said I am the luckiest man in the world! :nod: Some of you may have read or seen the post below before: I got married on Saturday and my now wife surprised me by buying me an S15 Spec R! Which as a bit of a shock to say the least as I...
  7. K

    Self Intro. from Malaysia

    Heya fellas, New member here from Malaysia hoping to learn more from the Silvia pros around the world. Keep in touch people.
  8. B


    Hello to every each one of you i am new here and i am so excited because your world is a world that i was dreamin when i was kid the s15 was and still is the car i always want to have but i did untill now.I live in grecce so all this time it was difficult to bring one s15 here the custom the...
  9. Yakozan

    Fuel prices over the world

    Found this website which states fuel prices across the globe.
  10. Ozone

    Save our racing tracks! - UK nationals

    Petition to stop people whinging about noise from venues and activities which have been there for years, just because they've bought a house there recently and they want nothing to happen in the world, ever. Think of that old git that moved next to Castle Combe and tried to get it closed down...
  11. Yakozan

    200SX Owners Group Sweden

    Swedish 200SX owners group website. Good to visit if you care to learn the next world language (Swedish) :D
  12. T

    opinions please

    im thinking of buying this. opinions please as i will be new to the silvia world. ttp://
  13. Topper

    World Cup football charity event for Childline

    Hello all , A bunch of freinds and I have entered a World Cup style football tournament in Glasgow on the 9th June 2007, each of the teams that enter are given a country to represent, we have been given Saudi Arabia We are all based in and around the Aberdeen area and are hoping to raise as...
  14. M

    Mazda RX7 FC3C

    Here's a babe we had sometime ago...only 2pcs in Singapore and from what i read, theres only 50pcs around the world.
  15. Topper

    Lets see how far S15oc goes

    Add your BB Names and locations to this to see where you all are in the world
  16. S

    fbu mod

    hey all im new 2 the world of s15 and keep hearing about the fbu mod... can any one tell me what it is and how it is done? thanks