1. H

    Meet: Essex Meets

    I know of 1 or 2 15's around Essex (and surrounding counties too) but I'm sure there are more?! worth trying to sort an occasional meet to geek off?
  2. F

    Nismo s tune suspension

    Anyone know what there worth? Possibly thinking of getting coilovers , can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  3. N80Jamie

    WTB: Cusco Front Strut Top Mounts

    Probably a long shot but worth a try before i have to buy new. Thanks.
  4. B

    WTB: Wanted - Alloys & tyres

    As above, looking for alloys (tyres not necessary, but preferable). Ideally something black, grey or similar. Dont really want to spend over £600, but I am willing to relax that if the wheels are worth it. Obviously suitble for an S15 Cheers guys, lets see what you got. :)
  5. B

    WTB: Wanted - Alloys & tyres

    As above, I'm looking for a set of alloys for the S15. I'm pretty open to most styles - try me ;) Don't really want to be spending more than £500, however if the alloys are worth it, I can shift a bit. Could I also ask for pics of them fitted to see how they look etc. Cheers!
  6. Floyd

    Defi advance BF turbo gauge problems

    Hey, So basically my gauge was playing up for a while due to the meter cable wires being exposed... I replaced the wire and currently it will boot up fine, LED's come on, needle resets... Then the LED simply turns off and wont come back on again? the gauge itself continues working as normal...
  7. S

    WTB: Anyone fancy a swap? My Pearl white smoothed boot lid for one with an aero spoiler

    Just wondering if anyone with a pearl white S15 with the aero spoiler fitted was up for swapping boot lids for my smoothed one? Rather than removing the spoiler, filling the holes and having it resprayed would you fancy a swap? I'm Sure i saw a thread on here where someone with a boot lid with...
  8. B

    FS: Bride seat rails

    Selling 2 bride seat rails, they look like they are both drivers side and one looks like a low seat rail, first one one is like new the second one is a bit tatty but still works fine, never fitted them but they have the codes on them so might be worth double checking they will fit looking...
  9. T

    evans waterless coolant

    Noob question first how much water does the 15 take to fill with the oem rad fitted :confused: Next has anyone used this stuff in a sr20 and is it worth the money [cars running 330/bhp at the moment if this makes any difference:confused:
  10. M

    c's short shifter

    How much are these worth have one there in the box with instructions? Debating to sell or not ill see if it's worth selling.
  11. D

    Spec R AFM needed for Spec R enigne swap?

    Hey I was wondering if a Spec R AFM is needed when I swap my SR20DE engine for a S15 SR20DET Spec R eninge into my Spec S? Are there many differences in Spec S and Spec R AFM's? And what would a Spec R AFM be worth? I couldn't find my answers on the internet so I hope anyone here could help me...
  12. N

    FS: S**t front bumper brand new

    Looks ****e Is brand new never fitted obviously......never even test fitted Still in gel coat £50 collection only it's not worth posting even at buyers expense
  13. C

    How much is my number plate worth? S15 FTW

    Basically I'm kinda putting my car back to standardish so it's easier to sell. (Will put a thread up shortly) trying to to work out how much my plate is worth, on the website it's worth £450ish but figured to a owner it will be worth a lot more. My pal sold a similar one for his r33 and got...
  14. S15AK

    Valves - SR20DET

    Hi Guys, I'm getting valve bounce, so need to change the valve springs and retainers. I need some help in sources some, and not sure if you can get uprated ones? Also as the head it off I might as well look at a cams, but not sure if its worth it as I am happy with the power it has now...
  15. Cris69

    is it worth it???

    hi i was on a site the other day (japan partner) looking at importing an s15 for myself!! i found one nice and cheap!! ( $2050 ) the fob price is $2579 and an extra $777 to ship to uk.. all prices in USD - grade 3.5 its a standard type s ( non turbo ) and its an auto... these things dont...
  16. B

    Nistune on Spec S

    First off I haven't a clue about ECUs so i don't know if it even exists for Spec S. Did a bit of looking online and couldn't find out anything solid. So firstly is there such a thing as Nistune for a spec s NA? Is it worth doing? What power increases etc? Whst kind of money would the set up be?
  17. A

    How much to declare when importing parts?

    I've ordered some suspension parts from perfect run & they want to know how much I want to declare the package is worth for customs, they cost £145 what should I declare? thanks
  18. S

    FS: S15 being broken on Driftworks

    gotta be worth a look right? dont think he is a member on here http://www.driftworks.com/forum/parts-sale-private-sales/212825-breaking-parts-complete-nissan-s15-spec-r-good-spec.html
  19. NICKO

    Anyone know what these seats would be worth?

    I have these chargespeed buckets in my S15 which was chargespeeds demo car as some of you may know :) I might decide to get something a bit different but what would these seats be worth? I know being blue they are most probably going to be hard to shift as they are not everyone's cup of tea...
  20. B

    Anyone seen this s15 on eBay

    Do you think this is worth a punt or a bag of nails. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-SILVIA-S15-DAMAGED-SALVAGE-CAT-D-ONLY-19K-MILES-200SX-240SX-SKYLINE-/111205754231?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item19e4612577