1. C

    Something badly wrong with my car, Help!

    Happened about 3 months ago, as I accelerated away from a roundabout I heard a loud bang like something had snapped. Now I can put the car in any gear release the clutch and the car won’t move there’s a small rattling noise coming from the back of the engine/clutch area which you can only hear...
  2. L

    grinding noise at 3k

    last few days i have been driving it, i have noticed at 3k i have a grinding noise, if its more or less than 3k the noise isn't there can't see anything wrong, advise to start looking at??
  3. N

    FS: S15 OEM headlights

    Wups wrong section.. please delete
  4. A

    Carbon centre console

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pop-Radio-Gear-Surround-Replacement-Plates-For-Nissan-Silvia-S15-Carbon-Fiber-/131642852715?hash=item1ea686856b Don't buy this, its garbage. the holes for the switches were too small, the pegs on the back that you use to screw the switches into it were totally in the...
  5. Silverstreak

    Has anyone seen this travesty??? Or is it??

    Really not sure what to think of this..... Is it wrong or cool?? What do you guys think?!?
  6. Jay-pan

    HKS recirculation

    Just fitted the kit to my first gen HKS SSQV, but i am not getting any noise at all now. Just like a blow of air, mate had one and still go a chatter. Anything that i have done wrong? set up from my cold intake side, pipe run over to my intake section on the air filter pipe.
  7. B

    Spec S vs Spec R ... this might not be that bad of a comparison after all

    i was looking at a japanese importing website recently and i was looking at the prices of s15 silvia's... i noticed that on average, a good spec S s15 silvia's were less than half the price of the good Spec R s15s.. and the only differences (correct me if i'm wrong) between the Spec R and Spec S...
  8. J0R04N

    FS: Driverside aero side skirt in blue

    As above nothing wrong with it just don't need it. £20
  9. Tony

    Can't rev more than 2000rpm.... =(

    Hi! I have a Spec-R 99.. was out and drove couple days ago, and suddenly the car almost stops and the rpm meter went down under 2000, and when i come near 2000 rpm almost nothing happens.. =) could It be somthing wrong on airflow meter..? (the afm is the original) what else can It be..??
  10. P

    hello there

    oooooppppppssssssss posted this on the wrong site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my bad.
  11. P

    Oil Pressure Gauge Problem

    Hey all problem with my oil pressure gauge stopped working any ideas wats wrong??
  12. K

    S15 sr20det fsm

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knew where i can get a copy of the s15 sr20det FSM? I have look and look but unfortunately i think im looking in all the wrong places?! please help--thanks
  13. zero260

    Intake Plenum Pipe work help

    If possible could anyone help in looking at the following pics and tell me if the piepwork is correct, its just that its boosting wrong and I am sure the boost pipe is on wrong. Now I am no technical minded person so please keep it simple.lol Is A, B, C and D right, the pipe marked A is coming...
  14. Ghost

    boost gauge problem

    Need help as i have no idea what is wrong... was out in the car today and noticed the gauge was reading 0 boost all the time... anyone any idea what could be wrong i can't search the forum because my PC won't let me
  15. craig_m

    what do you think of this??

    i know this has been for sale for a very long time, just wondered if it would be worth buying at the right price?? has anyone gone to see this and know if anything is wrong with it?? any info would be great. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...TRK:MEBOFFX:IT thanks craig
  16. R-Spec

    Dual mass flywheel pics - help2!

    Hi guys, Trying to get some help on other threads too. Have an ACT flywheel and clutch but it looks like they may have sent me the wrong parts. They're asking for some pictures of the OEM flywheel but I can't get until the morning and really need tonight. What have you got. Clutch useful...
  17. S15AK

    Motor Meter Racing Boost gauge help

    Hi Guys.. My s15 started life as a non spec R so I haven't got the pillar boost gauge. So when I bought the car the lad had a crappy ebay one installed in the middle centre air vent, which didn't work. So from recommendations from this site I went for the Motor Metter Racing Black face gauge...
  18. S

    WTB: stalk for front fogs

    project varietta has begun again now fitting the aero kit and need the stalk with the fog light switch..I tried nissan uk and the part number off here is wrong..I can get the relay from them but thought i'd try my luck here..:cool:
  19. J

    180sx raido help!!!!

    well one of the lads bought a 180sx yday but the raido dosent work,as it wont pick up irish stations.i got a band expander and took the raido out but descovered,its not the normal raido reception shaped plug that goes into the back of it,instead its one with 2 small pins on it..does anyone know...
  20. D

    Fitting DEFI

    Hi! Alright guys. I need some quick answers. I have installed my oil gauges in the the center vents. But It didn´t goo as deep as I have seen on you guys pictures. I have used the part with the clips on. But still it wont go in. This is how it looks right now. What did we do wrong?