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are these wiring issues related?

7 December 2019
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i have a 2001 spec r that has a couple of issues that i think is relating to wiring.
these are listed as:
Interior door dome light / dash door light only work when ignition is on
lock and unlock switch for doors only works when ignition is on
trip odometer on dash resets everytime ignition is switched off

im hoping that there is a wire somewhere that someone could have possibly been wired wrong, and if that is the case which wires do i check for?

another issue that im having but i dont think relates to the other issues but ill mention it anyways just incase it matters is that sometimes the radio and ac/heater fans will not work or will switch off while the key is on the ignition position and while the car is running. the only way to get them to work is to apply extra pressure on the key and bang it abit until they work and stay on.