1. S

    are these wiring issues related?

    i have a 2001 spec r that has a couple of issues that i think is relating to wiring. these are listed as: Interior door dome light / dash door light only work when ignition is on lock and unlock switch for doors only works when ignition is on trip odometer on dash resets everytime ignition is...
  2. A

    Radio aerial wiring

    Hey guys. Just wondering if someone can help me out with my radio aerial. When I bought the car, the fuse box and battery were mounted in the boot. I relocated both back into the engine bay. I noticed there was a wire coming off the battery terminal going towards the radio aerial harness, and...
  3. M

    WTB: Broken headlight

    im after someone with broken headlights, i need the rubber trims that are glued onto them, and the wee wiring loom for the headlights
  4. Alex De Large

    Boost Gauge Wiring Help

    I'm trying to fit a Blitz SD Boost Gauge into the stock boost gauge position but i'm having some issues with the wiring so I'm hoping someone can help. I got this wired up and working fine by using the original boost gauge wiring but when I tried to refit the A-Pillar trim the boost gauge is...
  5. A

    Replace gauges without having to replace wiring?

    I have these gauges in my car Do the newer greddy gauges fit right into the same wiring? If I got a different brand, would the sensors I have in the water & oil connect up or would I have to replace everything? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  6. NICKO

    Power FC D-jetro Wiring Guide (S15)

    Ok so as promised far too long ago :rotfl: here is a quick how to guide for wiring in a power FC D-jetro :nod: I hope people understand it as I am not the best at explaining things :no: Here is a look at the pin locations if you cant make them out in the pictures :nod: Hope this...
  7. UncleDan

    No power to diagnostic port

    Does anyone know what fuses to check or have wiring diagram just for the port?
  8. L

    WTB: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with EL commander and all wiring and sensors

    After a Apexi Power FC (D-jetro) with EL hand commander and all wiring and sensors. Thanks Liam
  9. jake

    S15 spec r wiring

    I need a Nissan s15 spec r wiring loom diagram asap like now asap so I can finish of my car ???? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. S

    S15 engine swap wiring help.

    So basically I've owned an s15 spec s for a year or so now and have decided to swap an sr20det engine into it. I have the sr20de engine out. I just need to sort the wiring out before I can drop the sr20det engine in. It's my first engine swap and I'm not too clued up on the wiring side of...
  11. jake

    S15 with an rb25 wiring help

    Has any one got a guide for the wiring from sr20 to rb25 on a Nissan s15 ??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. M

    F4 pin out and climate control wiring

    I have a 2002 jdm spec r which I've swapped an ls2 into, and my climate control won't come on now. I understand the original f4 plug for the Ecu has other wires going into it such as passenger indicator and wiper motor wiring which I've sorted. But I can't find an accurate pin out for the s15 f4...
  13. O

    trouble with my roof!

    Hi there, I have a Nissan varietta with a non working roof! I'm really struggling to find a wiring diagram for this in English.. Can anyone help me...thanks in advance :)
  14. relentless

    Engine noise through speakers with stereo.

    Hi Guys Having a hard time getting my headunit to work correctly. Short version. Nzdm s15 4 channel amp powering incar speakers Have an older pioneer headunit using the factory wiring loom via an iso connector with an alternate ground which is connected to the shifter plate. Got a friends low...
  15. D

    WTB: Rear anti roll bar and complete SR20DE wiring loom

    Hi, I am looking for a rear Apex Performance anti roll bar, preferably with droplinks. And I am looking for a SR20DE uncut wiring loom with abs and a/c. Let me know if you got something for me. ;)
  16. A

    starting problems

    Hey a couple weeks ago I had a breakdown caused by art of the wiring loom falling onto my manifold and melting through the clip* http://s1136.photobucket.com/user/an...tml?sort=3&o=0 since then I've had trouble starting I've sorted the wiring out, replaced the spark plugs coil packs and a new...
  17. fez06

    WTB: s15 spec r auto wiring looms

    I'm after the above engine and gearbox looms if anyone knows of any about or may know someone who could have one. Cheers
  18. NICKO

    Power FC Djetro Wiring route Help

    Im in the middle of fitting the Map And AIT sensors where I want them and im now on the task of fitting the wiring looms to go down the the ECU. Now the hole in the firewall behind the intake manifold is full of gauge wiring etc so that one is out of the question, I have noticed the main...
  19. A

    Brake warning system wiring diagrams

    Had the brake warning lamp illuminated for a while, no obvious reason why it's on, booked it into a place to find the fault, he said wiring diagrams would help & he doesn't have any for the s15. Is everything I need in the service manual PDF I downloaded? I don't see any diagrams showing how...
  20. Max

    Gearbox reverse sensor wiring

    Hi guys, I'm after an answer from an electrical guru. Now, what I am trying to do is to link in an external AV feed into my double DIN screen at the flicking of a switch. Dash mounted switch, not through the radio. To keep the music on while this video feed is being displayed (HKS CAMP2) I...