1. S

    are these wiring issues related?

    i have a 2001 spec r that has a couple of issues that i think is relating to wiring. these are listed as: Interior door dome light / dash door light only work when ignition is on lock and unlock switch for doors only works when ignition is on trip odometer on dash resets everytime ignition is...
  2. Pikachu

    What's this in the ignition?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew what this is in the ignition cylinder? I'm totally baffled and refuse to believe it is a screwdriver, lol Thanks in advance!
  3. S15_SAM

    WTB: S15 ignition coil needed

    As above please, need a genuine S15 coil. Only need one good one! Thanks Sam
  4. JDM_virgin

    Oil Gauge wiring help

    i started this late last night and once i tried it how I'd wired it up it wasn't 100% working. I have browsed here and the net and also looked at the wiring diagram in the manual but the colours don't seem to match up so I'm hoping someone on here can offer me some help. So first the gauge-...
  5. R

    Nismo Key

    Hey guys, My car came with one of these keys, but I'm a bit confused if it can be used to start the car. It has been cut and will open the doors (just like the original key) but will not turn in the ignition for some reason, which has me completely baffled. I'm assuming this key can't be...
  6. K

    WTB: s15 interior parts

    I'm looking for these S15 parts. I need it shipped to California USA. Let me know what you have thanks. -ignition switch with key, door lock cylinder and trunk PLEASE post pictures. Thanks
  7. JDM_virgin

    Boot ajar sensor

    does anyone know where this is located in the boot? I think mine is on the blink because i have the open door light on the dash even when everything is closed and when the car is turned off the light is still on in the boot and the ring around the ignition barrel, needless to say its killing my...
  8. M

    S15 draining its battery

    Taking the key out the ignition the battery and oil lights stay on as well as the fuel gauge New battery the other day. Checked that the alternater is charging the battery and it is at 14volts so its strong. Yet its still draining the battery when i come to start it in the morning. Having to...
  9. John-

    First problem!

    Cutting a long story short, my windows keep not working, blowing fuses every time. I have found that engaging reverse blows the fuse. Another interesting thing is that the drivers side window is still working with the fuse pulled where as before it didn't, and only the drivers side window works...
  10. Carta

    Pioneer AVIC-HRZ08

    http://www.nengun.com/carrozzeria/le-navi-hdd-avic-hrz08-150311 Hey guys, I have the above unit fitted in my S15. Is this a standard unit? Anyone had any experiences with it? Its also in Japanese, so when I turn on the ignition it greets me in Japanese Dan
  11. DarioG

    FS: S15 oem parts / spares....

    (New) OEM Nissan front upper retainer €80 62290 85F00 OEM Nissan abs control module €40 47850 91F00 Oem Spec R Drivers Airbag €70 (centre - steering wheel) OEM S15 SPEC R Nissan Ignition coils x 4 €140 22448 91F00 OEM S14 Nissan Ignition coils x 4...
  12. L

    Ignitiol coils! Help!

    Hi, I'm from Peru, I have a s15 Spec R. I want to change my coils because I will install a Haltech and I wanna know which ignition coils are better or if the original ignition coils work better?
  13. D

    S15 Unreliable start up

    I have a problem... Every now and again when I go to turn the key in my 2000 model S15 Silvia it fails to start. it is becoming a bit more frequent these days, when I turn the key all the way around it makes no ticking noises or anything. makes no sound at all and all the ignition/ dashboard...
  14. Q

    Radio/climate control not holding memory and chime/ dome light not turning on..

    Hey all, I'm having some electrical issues with a 99' Spec R and not too sure of the cause. When the ignition is switched on I will get a buzzing noise from the kick panel which I'm assuming is a relay which I'm not sure is relevant to the following issues. 1. When the door is opened and key in...
  15. A

    WTB: S15 ignition barrel

    Hi I'm here because I'm desperatly looking for a S15 ignition barrel, mine is now brocken/locked (my key cannot enter inside) and so, my car is sleeping in the garage.... If anybody here has this (ref AS54) or know where I can find it (webshop, a S15 in breaking mode, or anything else)...
  16. J

    ignition timing?

    hi, what should the ignition timing max out at on the power fc? basically my car is running like crap AGAIN. it sometimes hits 44? whatever that means...
  17. B

    Power FC issues

    I've got an apexi power fc on my car and it dosnt store my settings, everytime I turn the ignition on and off it just resets, the boost setting is always the same as it's only got 1 map on it but if I set the monitor display to 8 channels then turn the ignition on and off the back light goes...
  18. spoonman

    Kill switch idea ECU 12V Ignition wire

    I was wondering about a good place of a security kill switch and to save putting it in a location where you lose all power and things like CDplayer settings and clock i was wondering if putting in onto the 12V power supply from the ignition to the ECU so the ECU simply does not turn on. Would...
  19. K

    Ignition timing / Cam timing Advice

    Boys/Girls, IGNITION TIMING Firstly i need advice on ignition timing, i have a spec s from japan. Tomoro i'm buying a timing gun so i can advance the ignition timing but im not sure how much to advance it buy. Irish fuel is 92-93octane(i think) my question is how far can i advance it safley...
  20. LuPix_S15

    Guide: Installing Ignition Kill Switch

    Ok folks :) Just thought I'd write up a guide of how to install your very own S15 ignition kill switch. These babies are generally used on motorsport cars which go one step further and have complete electrical kill switches from inside and out to meet racing safety requirements (FIA regs etc)...