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Cam Gear Installation

24 July 2010
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QLD - Australia
Hey guys.

Well my S15's VTC gear rattle is getting very bad now, so I've decided to pick up some adjustable cam gears and chuck them in. But before I attempt to do the installation myself, I thought I'd post some questions for the experts here. I've had a read through the TIMING CHAIN section of the FSM, but a few things are still unclear.

From my research it looks like I'll need to source a S13 intake camshaft bolt, because the S15's intake camshaft bolt is too long due to the VTC gear. I guess I'll call up some Nissan wreckers tomorrow to try source one, or would it be best to buy brand new genuine?

On the EX side... when I remove the cam gear, will the 'worm gear' looking thing separate from the gear sprocket? Because the cam gears I have don't have that 'worm gear' looking thing on it.

Getting everything to TDC should be pretty easy according to the FSM, just align the markings to the silver coloured links in the chain.

In regards to gaskets/seals/o-rings, should I get new ones?
Rocker cover gasket, spark plug gasket?

Will I need a tune if I don't adjust the cam gears? Just keep it at stock timing is what I mean. And stocking settings would mean ZERO degrees advance/retard?

While the cover is off, will be installing RAS too.
Thanks for the help guys and if there are any tips, please feel free to post:)


Gievn that the bolt is suppose to be torqued up to 110 ft/lb I'd be inclined to buy a new one, or at least only use a 2nd hand one if the thread looks perfect.

Not totally sure what you mean by the worm gear - all i can think of is the area on the exh cam that joins up with the Cam angle sensor? - but IIRC this is part of the cam, not the sprocket.

The rocker cover gakets can probably be reused, just give them a good clean and inspection before re fitting!