1. Juicesif

    smoke buff when changing gears

    Hi all, I am getting a puff of smoke out of the exhaust whenever I change gears .. Any body come across this before ? Any ideas to what might be causing the issue ? Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Nissan_S15

    Shifting advice S15. Just curious.

    Hey guys, Maybe another silly question from me, but I love my S15 to bits. I was out an about today giving the S15 a bit of a run and I shifted a few times from 1st to 2nd at 5000rpm or just over. Is this a resonable rpm to change in 1st, if your giving it the beans and can the cars engine...
  3. Nissan_S15

    Is it ok to rev S15 Spec S in neutral to 3000-4000rpm? (This was for testing)

    Hey guys, Just a real quick one, had some issues with a scraping noise at the back of the S15 the other day, which I believe is now the brakes. But for testing purposes, I put the car in neutral and revved up to just under 4000rpm as to make sure the noise was definetely when moving. Is this...
  4. Krish

    Clutch woes.... Again

    Right, I've got a brand new exedy stage 2 clutch. It's started juddering in between gears. Mainly 2nd and 3rd. Any ideas?
  5. F

    Ogura Replacement Clutch Failure

    Hi All, I own a S15 Silvia imported from Japan. I bought it with a bad clutch, first it slipped on the high gears then on all the gears. I ordered a new Ogura 409 for the my Silvia. After some hard time replacing the clutch, I managed to fit every thing as it was and went to start up the...
  6. - 0h -

    C's Short Shifter

    is anyone in here using one of the C's Shifter? how does it feel when changing gears and is it easier than the stock shifter to put in reverse gear>? cheers
  7. M

    Cam Gear Installation

    Hey guys. Well my S15's VTC gear rattle is getting very bad now, so I've decided to pick up some adjustable cam gears and chuck them in. But before I attempt to do the installation myself, I thought I'd post some questions for the experts here. I've had a read through the TIMING CHAIN...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Close Ratio Gearbox

    Ok folks :) I'm just purely asking this question out of interest as I know the prices will make most people feel queezy but in the long distant future, when I'm trying to get my Silvia more and more hardcore in terms of acceleration and response (not big power), is summat like a gearbox with...
  9. J


    Popped over from Skyline Owners (after seeing Sushiming's link) and have been busy here looking at pictures of your cars. Stunning, some seriously sexy motors. I have an R33 GTS-T which i am planning on selling in the new year. I've had her 2yrs now and have loved her to bits. But getting bored...