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Choosing spring rates



Basically I'm looking at getting a set of coilovers but don't want something that's too bumpy for the road. My s15 is my daily but as mentioned elsewhere I am going to be taking part in time attack racing. So I want to know is there a way to work out what spring rates are a good match? Or is it advisable to take the manufacturer's suggested spring rates?

Also is the front/rear combo difference something that has to be kept the same? ie. if manufacturer's recommended is 8/7, but I wanted it softer, do I go 7/6 or can I go 7/5? I understand that the manufacturer's recommended spring rates reflects the valving of the dampers. But if the manufacturer offers custom spring rates to be chosen, will the dampers be revalved to suit? I also realise it varies from brands and also the damper's effectiveness. But I am looking for grip, not drift, anyway to work out what I need?
30 November 2007
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Sunny Tweed Heads
There are a lot of variables when it comes to spring rates/ride height, damper design and brand of coilover. What I suggest is talk to a reputable suspension workshop and work out whats best for your application.

A popular spring rate for what you want,and assuming its an S15 is 6/8

I'am running Bilsteins with that setup, but when I drive my mates with Tein SS and the same rate it feels harsher.