1. S

    Recommended Brake Pads for fast road use

    Hi all, been trying to nail down the best brake pad options over the weekend. after a low-dust pad that doesn't really require warming up to be useful (like i hear the EBC yellowstuffs do) as i use my car daily for commuting too. greenstuffs appear to fit the bill but ive also come across a...
  2. A

    Battery relocation

    How easy is it to do, what do you need (any recommended battery cages?) & if you got a garage to do it, what sort of price would it cost + any recommended places that do it? Thanks.
  3. Lil SpecR

    Hello! UK based and seeking to import an S15!

    Hi all! Just popping over here to say hello. Not got an S15 yet, currently looking for my perfect model :nod: but once I have her I will no doubt bore you all silly about her and show off photos etc :thumbs: Just a couple of questions really... 1 - what are meets like? I know its a rare car...
  4. dave_t

    Clutch Fluid - What is Recommended?

    Going to be changing my Clutch Master Cylinder Fluid as it's a little Black, and at the same time i will be installing a one piece HEL clutch line to remove the clutch damper unit. (will do a 'How To' on this) What fluid is recommended for using in our S15's??
  5. J0R04N

    What size injectors and what make??? 300-350bhp????

    What size injectors can I use for a power range of between 300-350bhp?? Also recommended brands :)
  6. D

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 spec R 1999

    Here is my Nissan silvia s15 spec r turbo forsale. Ive been thinking of selling on and off so decided to put it on the owners clubs for somebody to have a chance before pistonheads etc and if I get what I want I will let it go.If not Ill keep it as ill probably regret it like I did selling the...
  7. B

    Oil ?

    What is the recommended oil for 30 degrees Celsius S15 spec R? i was thinking 10 - 30 fully synthetic , but according to the manual 10 - 40? but i cant get 10 - 40 fully synthetic here, will 10 - 30 be good ?
  8. JaseYpk

    Brake Fluid - DOT 5.1?

    Howdy! So i'm sure i read somewhere that DOT 5.1 is recommended for fast road, but i just read up that it is NOT recommended and has significant disadvantages (not listed). Can anyone expand on this/recommend brake fluid 'DOT' (3/4/5.1) Also, how much brake fluid does the S15 take? (roughly)...
  9. LuPix_S15

    Recommended Retailers for Bits & Pieces

    Ok folks, I know we have household names such as Driftworks, SRB Power, DB Power, Apex Performance, Nengun, Perfectrun and RHDJapan etc... plus our very trusty S15OC traders but thought it might be an idea to list recommended retailers for all the bits and pieces that help us either create our...
  10. H

    Brakes and headroom

    Not sure which bit of forum to stick this post so feel free to move it. Basically I've got two questions: 1) I need better brakes, I think I have the stock ones but I need something which will be more akin to my Integra ie. funking brutal and won't overheat after 15 minutes on track. I don't...
  11. R

    Choosing spring rates

    Basically I'm looking at getting a set of coilovers but don't want something that's too bumpy for the road. My s15 is my daily but as mentioned elsewhere I am going to be taking part in time attack racing. So I want to know is there a way to work out what spring rates are a good match? Or is it...
  12. Nicely

    One for the Sydney guys

    Looking into getting a bull bar sent back for the Surf (you can't buy them in the UK). Any recommended places on the north side of Sydney?
  13. slammedmind

    engine setup

    Ok so its time for some engine work and heres what i have in mind.. tomei manifold new elbow and downpipe hks gtrs turbo 740cc injectors z32 afm now im looking into a set of tomei cams and a head gasket but my question is to compliment this setup what deg cams are recommended and why? Do i go...
  14. P

    Idea For New Sections

    Just been thinking what about putting 2 sections up for example Recommended Not Recommended So if anyone has a good or bad experience buying anything people will know who's good and who to avoid Just an idea though :nod:
  15. slammedmind

    Oil cooler, how many rows?

    Im planning on ordering a relocation kit and an oil cooler with thermostat for the car, what im wondering is how many rows is recommended?
  16. Nicely

    Ultimate wheel fitting guide

    There is so little information available as to which wheels will fit of S15s, which offset and sizes work and which suspension they work with. I'm hoping this thread will change that and serve as a sort of S15 wheel database. OK, to start with, here's the list of known wheels and offsets which...
  17. Nicely

    Torque GT Highly recommended. :thumbs: