1. oilman

    Opie Oils Spring 2016 Competition

    Hi Folks Spring is officially here and so is the Opie Oils Spring Competition! Up for grabs is an XBOX ONE with Tom Clancy's The Division & DiRT Rally Legend Edition. To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize worth £350 all you have to do is answer a simple multiple choice...
  2. TrevorSpencer

    Turbo flutter

    First of all, Hello from British Columbia Canada, first time posting here. Secondly i searched before posting so i apologize if there was a post previously and i missed it. So i was wondering if you guys and or girls have used a Greddy RZ bov before and if you ran into turbo flutter from...
  3. C

    Improving ride quality with coilovers

    My S15 came from Japan where it was a track car with HKS Hipermax III Sport coilovers. On Scottish roads they are extremely bumpy and crashy and they do not cope with any kind of uneven road surface well let alone enormous pot holes and such. At the moment the spring pre load seems to be at the...
  4. S

    FS: Apex Gen2 Fast road coilvers 6/5 spring rates

    HI, Selling a set of S14/15 Apex Gen2 Fast road coilovers. Spring rates are 6/5Kg. for more information on them please look here: http://www.apexperformance.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=120_451_121_126_291&products_id=1715&PHPSESSID=170f047eb8c36d802d08d26d13b94bef They are mint...
  5. oilman

    Opie Oils Spring Competition to win Go Pro Hero 3+ Black Edition.

    Hi Folks, Opie Oils have got their hands on a Go Pro Hero 3+ Motorsport Black Edition worth over £350 and are using it as there spring Competition. This competition will be running until the end of June. The Go Pro comes with a Wi-Fi Remote,Quick Release Buckles,Curved & Flat Adhesive...
  6. Damos15

    Standard Valve Spring Specs

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the standard valve spring specs? Also what would you recommend as an easy upgrade, considering im still running standard cams. For now. Just getting an engine refresh. Thanks
  7. P

    WTB: WANTED: Rear Caliper handbrake spring - Right/Offside

    I have just rebuilt my right rear caliper but have lost the handbrake spring on the outside, doh! Can anyone furnish me with one?
  8. holzkreuz

    WTB: Screen Washtank & Oem Boss Centering?!

    Screen Washtank & Clock Spring I need the OEM S15 Screen Washer Tank incl. Pumps. And the Yellow Thing which is under the Airbag Steering Wheel, dont know the exact name... CLOCK SPRING Where the boss kit is mountet with ;-) Shipped to germany PM's with pics pls
  9. A

    complete loss of boost while driving

    Hello S15 owners i have a problem where my boost gauge will show boost for some time then completely drop off and show -7. I asked around and was advised it may be the spring in the wastegate actuator. As such i replaced this and the problems persists. I now have a feeling my turbo ( T25 bb) is...
  10. P

    What used value my cusco coilovers?

    Hi, my spec R was imported with Cusco Coilovers, an early Zero 2 model. I am now on standard suspension and think I might keep it that way (will hold of deciding until after a track day I have booked on in June). I would like some ballpark idea of used value for the Cuscos. Can anyone suggest...
  11. NICKO

    Apex Coilovers which spring rates?

    Im looking to replace my advance suspension coilovers on my S15 and was just wondering what spring rates everyone went for? My car is not daily driven and used maily on the road at weekends but does get driven fairly hard most of the time with some drift action. The coilovers on my car at the...
  12. Fruitbooter

    A retarded coilover question

    Okay sitting at work bored thinking about stuff, got me wondering about my coilovers and what infact is the correct way to lower them. Ive never had coilovers where the base of the shock can adjust aswell as the spring seat. So looking at the coilovers - What is the correct way to...
  13. S

    FS: s15 JIC coilovers

    Location: Brisbane, manly. Australia. payment: cash only. $650 ono contact: PM, and we'll go from there. item: Set of JIC FLT FAS coilovers out of my s15 silvia, fairly sure thats what they are. base adjustment on all 4 corners. i bought 2nd hand about 4months ago, used them for about 4...
  14. adz87kc

    Z32 300zx parking brake components

    Evening all :) Today i received my Z32 rear brake set up. i'm missing a few parts which i'm not massively peeved about as i got the stuff at a good price (i think :rotfl: ). I've checked the stuff off i have against the list provided on jull.co.uk and have the part numbers for what i need so...
  15. C

    Standard boost pressure

    Hi guys, Quick question - I believe the standard boost pressure is aroud .7 bar - would this also be the standard boost the actuator spring would give if the boost controller/solenoid stopped working? Thanks, Dan
  16. S

    Boot Lid Spring tension adjustment?

    I recently removed the wing / spoiler from my Spec R GT , and since there is less weight on the bootlid it springs open at a rapid rate. Not such a problem if you unlock it with the Key but its a bit of a PITA if you open it from the drivers seat. I tried removing one of the tension rods (...
  17. R

    Choosing spring rates

    Basically I'm looking at getting a set of coilovers but don't want something that's too bumpy for the road. My s15 is my daily but as mentioned elsewhere I am going to be taking part in time attack racing. So I want to know is there a way to work out what spring rates are a good match? Or is it...
  18. Yakozan

    Nismo Coppermix vs Nismo Sport-clutch kit

    Any recommendations? My clutch has started to slip in 5th gear. Looked at the perfectrun website and spotted these two which would suite my S15. Seems to take similar spec. Coppermix (380ps) is a little more expensive. Coppermix spring pressure is 7846 (800) N (Kgf) Sports clutch kit spring...
  19. R

    WTB: Coilovers

    hi guys im new, i have been told that s15 suspension will fit an s14a and so i am trying to get a set of coilovers. If anyone has anything and it will fit please can you pm me. I have money waiting and im in essex. I am looking for 8 6 spring ratings or soemthign suitable for drift. I am...
  20. raytsang

    S15 seat belt spring gone.

    Hey guys the spring on the selt belt has gone, was like this when i got the car but has since gotten worst. you guys know if a s13 or s14 selt belts the same as the s15?? dont want to get a new one. if it was a new seat belt i would probably get a Takata 4 piont harness :D