1. C

    Cleaning the AC

    After leaving the car outside for a few days some leaves got into the AC and they ended up rotting. The AC rn smells straight up like bog and I've managed to get the air filter out and wash it like it's recommended in the service manual (I'll get a new one later, shipment, stuff, etc.), but I...
  2. F

    WTB: Looking for a clean, low mileage S15 spec R

    Hello everyone, I've been looking to purchase an S15 as soon as my insurance comes down a bit and it looks like the time has come. Currently have a BMW m140i to hold off until the insurance on an S15 came down but now with my renewal coming up at the end of next month, they want £3-4k for...
  3. C

    WTB: White Spec R

    Hi guys, as above, white Spec R wanted, milage not a great issue, just clean and rust free. Jay
  4. D

    WTB: WANTED!! wheels, coilovers, exhaust

    Hey guys afters some parts. Wheels: after some 17's must be genuine wheels not Rota's 🙈 don't want anything kerbed to hell & back. Coilovers: anything decent & clean. Exhaust: anything that isn't battered 😂 As close to Wales as possible would be nice. Cheers guys.
  5. D

    WTB: WANTED!! s15 spec R got £8000

    Hi guys, looking at getting my first s15 😃 just seeing what's out there for £8000 don't want nothing rough or drift spec, clean as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. K

    WTB: S15 harness

    I am in need of a full S15 interior harness, engine bay harness. From the headlights all the way to the tail lights. Preferably clean and uncut/unmodified. Manual trans, if it makes a difference.
  7. M

    FS: Evo 7 Recaros and Bride rails for sale

    So I was saving these for when I got a posh 180SX or S15 but I don't think it'll be happening for a while if at all. Instant bolt in uplift to the interior of any S Body. They need a bit of a clean and one has a little nick in, but isn't noticeable when they're fitted...
  8. fez06

    FS: Nissan Silvia S14 1994 import navan

    NissanSilvia S14 1994 import navan Clocks showing101886 but were changed due to them sticking at 125120 a mixture of km andmiles, the new clocks had 96133 on. I have the old mot certs to show this. Has beenin the country since 2005. Had 111000km when it was shipped. £5300ono Mot till april 2017...
  9. D

    Another Newbie Here!

    Hi Guys, I signed up on here recently as I've been looking for a nice clean S15 to have as a weekend toy / fair weather car. I've previously had a few 200SX's in the past and have been a member on SXOC for a long time. I got the nod from Torque GT this morning that i'd won an auction on a...
  10. A


    Hi all Ashley from SXOC had a few S bodies still got a S14a Kouki which im in the process of selling Joined the forum to have a look see at some clean low mileage, and pretty standard S15 Spec-Rs as i'll be after one in the next few weeks maybe a month Thanks
  11. Jay-pan

    FS: Massive 4" blitz cone filter

    Removed from my car no damage ideal for running mafless. Looks pretty clean hardly used. offers not sure on price, will get pictures tomorrow
  12. C

    WTB: S15 Spec R (preferably Aero), clean and as stock as possible.

    Hi all, Looking to buy my first spec R s15. Requirements as per the title! If you see any clean examples or are selling yourself, feel free to message me/reply to post. The lower the mileage the better. Many thanks, Chirag.
  13. D

    White s15 hope show Derbyshire monday night

    Parked up in the show, very clean car looked great
  14. C

    Hello from Leeds/Bradford

    Hi Lads and Ladies (if any lol) Ive been looking around this forum for the last few months trying to get to know about these cars alot more and the differences between the Spec S and the Spec R, so now i thought it was time to introduce myself :D Im Zac, 20 years old and turning 21 in...
  15. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Bonnet - White

    awaiting the arrival of my S15 from the mother land, and possibly will be selling the oem style carbon bonnet that is currently fitted to it, so i would like an oem one to replace it with. must be clean :nod:
  16. S15AK

    Unwanted guest!

    Hi Guys, A strange one, but I seem to have a mouse or something similar camped out in my S15! and the little buggered has helped its self to my golf umbrella’s handle in the boot and has also got into the front and chewed a hole in the back seats! :mad: I think I must of picked up from the...
  17. DOM

    WTB: Clean Spec R

    My brother who has 1 x s14 and 1x s14a, is now is looking for a clean s15 spec r. He is more concerned about the condition of the car than the modifications. He is based in North London but is prepared to drive anyway in mainland Uk to buy the right one.
  18. S

    FS: Super Advans Racing 17x9 et4x2 et-4x2

    I have an awesome set of wheels for sale, they came off the famous hks s15 I will up load pics tomorrow once I get to a PC they come with 4 brand new 225/45/17 tyres (driven about 5 miles on them) polished dish with red spokes very clean with a few marks on lip nothing bad. Will send...
  19. Fruitbooter

    Show us what it looks like right now!

    Okay I know we have the 'latest favourite piks' thread but I thought this would be interesting. What I want you to do is after reading this, when you can go and take a photo of your car...clean or dirty, in bits or complete dont change anything, just go and take a photo of its current state...
  20. Fruitbooter

    Fruitbooter's S15 Spec R

    Hi Guys I picked my gorgeous S15 up just over a week ago now from Torque GT, great guys indeed. :nod: I've wanted an S15 for absolutely years, ever since I first got into drifting and first set eyes on one etc but insurance was always a no! But not to long back I tried for a quote and it...