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Fidanza Flywheel for 6-Speed



Hello Community,

Before I present my question:
I've been using Fidanza products for quite a few years now, and had decided to buy one for the Autech S15. In their catalog, it states that it fits in the S13, 14, & 15, except for the dual mass type. It didn't discriminate between the thickness of the 6-speed flywheel vs the 5-speed flywheel. Well, I purchased it anyway, but it turned out, I was right. The flywheel they offer is for the 5-speed transmission only. It was nearly half the thickness as my current flywheel. I spoke with a representative at Fidanza, and they acknowledge the mistake, and are offering me a different part number (143621) that "might" fit. Yes, they said "might" fit, and that it is made on order. The part number I had originally purchased was 143221, but only because their catalog says it will fit the S15 not including dual mass clutch type. The only other brands of flywheels that fit (that I know of) are the original being the Nismo/Exedy flywheel and the JUN flywheel.

So, my question is.. by chance, is anyone in this community using the Fidanza 6-Speed flywheel, or know of someone with a SR w/ 6-speed using their flywheel?

Thank you for reading.
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