1. G

    6 Speed Autech Flywheel - what clutch?

    Hi, Been told a 5 speed clutch will fit the single mass lightened Autech flywheel for my 6 speed S15 gearbox. For reference I am fitting a 6 speed to my SR20DE for closer ratios, and ideally would like to match the lightened flywheel with a nice 3 puk clutch or similar. Just wanted to confirm...
  2. D

    WTB: dual mass flywheel and clutch wanted

    I am looking for a dual mass flywheel, clutch and bolts for a S15 for converting my SR20 auto to a manual. Thanks Daniel
  3. Jay-pan

    Clutch Nismo advice?

    Well got the old engine out the car new ones going to go in now the clutch is an organic exedy but its about 70% worn so best do things right once and take the opportunity to change it two clutches i am looking at are... Nismo super coppermix and lightweight flywheel & Nismo sports coppermix...
  4. Chriscooke

    FS: Apex gen 2 comfy coilovers, s14 act lightweight flywheel.

    I have a set of apex gen 2 coilovers 6/4 comfies off my breaker. All seem to be leak free and I believe they don't knock although I have never driven the car properly with them fitted. The rear shocks were replaced not long before the car came off the road, the fronts are older and I'm...
  5. JackPilk

    Who is running decent power on their standard Dual Mass Flywheel?

    I have been doing some homework on the S15 DMF's and it's known that the S14 clutch kits fit the S15 DMF fine. The main option people seem to be taking is getting a lightened solid flywheel conversion kit that Driftworks sell, however on my old S14 I opted for a lightened flywheel on my clutch...
  6. L

    FS: S15 rocker cover, dual mass flywheel and decat

    I bought an engine off here a few weeks back and there are a few parts that are surplus to requirement. S15 rocker cover, this is in great condition. £30 S15 dual mass flywheel this came off a sub 60k engine and is in great condition.£110 Coil pack cover, a little tatty but ideal for...
  7. J

    Flywheel Question

    I purchased a SR20DET out of a S15 with a 6 speed from a company. It had a Dual disk Nismo Gmax clutch in it and im going to replace it with a new clutch that is not dual disk. The flywheel it was mounted to is super thick and I wasn't sure if that flywheel is specific to the Dual Disk or if...
  8. J

    FS: Exedy paddle clutch

    Hi, took ok my clutch and flywheel out my s15. clutch has plenty of meat on it, £140 and it's yours. if you want the lightened driftworks flywheel and paddle clutch both are £250 thanks
  9. J

    FS: S15 driftworks lightened flywheel - 1yr old.

    Hi, taken off the car so is no longer needed :-) can take pictures if needed. £130+postage thanks
  10. S15_SAM

    Jdm Spec S 5 speed clutch and flywheel. Same as S14 turbo?

    Just asking for a friend who went to see a Spec S and it had clutch judder. So he wants to know what clutch and flywheel combo for on a S15 spec S. Is it specific to Spec S? Or does it share the same parts. As an S14 turbo?
  11. DeviouS15

    Reccomendations wanted...

    Hey everyone, Ive been buying a few parts for my Silvia lately, im aiming at a reliable 220kW. These are the bits ive bought already... - Genuine Z32 AFM - HKS EVC-S Boost Controller - Deatschwerks 550cc injectors - Deatschwerks 255 lph feul pump - Apexi filter and intake kit (includes a hard...
  12. J

    flywheel help

    How's things. I am changing my clutch to a act 6puk and I am thinking about changing the dual mass to a lightweight solid flywheel. Any pro's or con's to it and what would be recommend to chance to. I was looking at the driftworks 1 any ideas on it or any other company that sells flywheels. Cheers
  13. C

    Flywheel bolts.

    Just fitted my hypermax clutch and flywheel but realised I now need shorter bolts as mine are bottoming out. Do they need to be anything fancy or will normal m10x1 do the trick? also what are the torque settings for them.
  14. S

    The heads comming off!

    Ok so car is heading to the garage for some work, iv got to have the head off to fix the common head gasket leak, and I'm proberly going to get the head skimed at the same time refitting with a 1.8 mm gasket Also replacing the clutch ( probably an organic one) what about the fly wheel? I here...
  15. Max

    S15 flywheel bolts

    Hi, I am about to fit a new clutch, an Exedy Hyper Single. It has some used bolts (never a clever idea to re-fit) so i got some ARP ones off Mazworx but I think the non S15 ones are all shorter, am I still good to use the ARP ones? I can't find any S15 specific ones... Max
  16. justin666

    ORC 409d Clutch kit... My Review :) Long read with pics!

    Hey Well, As I couldn't find a huge amount on peoples actual opinions and real life experience of the ORC 409 clutch kits for the S15, I though I would put together my own little thread on this one. Hopefully its just a little bit more info out there that may help someone else when it comes to...
  17. Larsz

    S14 clutch and flywheel in a Z33 gearbox :P

    Hi there, Little brainteaser. I am doing the Z33 gearbox conversion for my S15 spec R and got most parts now. But what remains is the clutch setup. On teh internetz they are not sure, or not giving complete awnsers. The guy who supplied me the adapterplate and transmission x-member, told me to...
  18. A

    WTB: WANTED : s15 solid flywheel

    thought id stick this up on the off chance somone has one lying about :P I need a s15 solid flywheel for a 6speed box, not a duel mass one and other SR solid flywheels dont work,
  19. justin666

    ORC Clutch info

    Hiya Yet another clutch thread :) Can some one explain the difference between the following?? ORC - 409DSB-02N5 Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET Silent & Noise Type Clutch (Flywheel included) Damper Attached and ORC - 409D-02N5 Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET Standard Type Clutch (Flywheel included)...
  20. J0R04N

    FS: Stock S15 6 Speed Clutch Flywheel and bolts

    Taking the car to garage D to have my new Exedy clutch and flywheel fitted in two weeks along with a gearbox upgrade ready for some more power :) so my stock clutch and flywheel is up for sale. Car has done 36,000 miles so still plenty of life left. No pictures yet for obvious reasons :wack: no...